The Creative Shift with Dan Blank

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Dan Blank interviews writers and artists who have taken the leap from merely dabbling with their creative vision, to becoming successful doers whose work has a positive impact on others.

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The Reality Behind a Book Launch, My Interview with Author Teru Clavel

Last summer, Teru Clavel released her first book: World Class: One Mother’s Journey Halfway Around the Globe in Search of the Best Education for Her Children. It was published by a major publisher (the Atria Books imprint of Simon & Schuster),

Filling Your Life with Creativity After the Bottom Drops Out. My Interview with Shannon Connery.

How does one find the time and energy to embrace creativity after the bottom has dropped out of their life? Today I am excited to share a powerful interview with Shannon Connery,PhD who gets radically honest about what it means to build a life filled w…

You Have to Risk it All: Inside the Harrowing Creative Shift of Jennie Nash

One of my favorite quotes is from Bono reflecting on the transition U2 made in their music from the 1980s to 1990s: “You have to reject one expression of the band first, before you get to the next expression. And in between you have nothing.

Social Media for Writers

Writers have felt an intense pressure over the past decade to jump into social media. I’ve worked with thousands of writers on this, so I understand why many are for it, many are against it, and most are stuck somewhere between the two.

How a Major Career Shift Led to 8 Book Deals. My Interview with Illustrator & Author Aura Lewis

Today I’m excited to share my podcast interview with illustrator and author Aura Lewis. She shares her story of making a huge career shift to focus on the arts, how she developed her first book, got a book deal,

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