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Dan Blank interviews writers and artists who have taken the leap from merely dabbling with their creative vision, to becoming successful doers whose work has a positive impact on others.

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“You Have to Shift From Consuming to Creating.” My Interview with Marcus Whitney

Something Marcus Whitney said to me has been bouncing around my mind all week: “You have to shift from consuming to creating.” Today I am excited to share my interview with Marcus, where he shares an inspiring message of what creative power is,

Success as a Writer is Joy Inside You and a Connection with Readers. My Interview with Monica Bhide

Today I want to share the inspiring story of how one woman followed her dream to becoming a successful writer. Her journey is filled with amazing wisdom for what it takes to find your voice, get published, and truly have an impact in the lives of reade…

Make Every Moment a Creative Moment, with Author Michael La Ronn

Author Michael La Ronn has already written three books this year, and he will likely write three more before the year is done. Today I want to explore how he is able to fill his life with creativity, infusing writing into all he does.

Generosity, Social Media, and Living Your Mission as a Writer, With Author/Illustrator Jarrett Lerner

When I first noticed author/illustrator Jarrett Lerner, he was using his Twitter account to constantly celebrate other authors and books. His generosity got him noticed. The result? 20,000+ followers. His first book was published in 2017,

“What Can I Create?” The Powerful Question to Navigate Change, with Jenny Blake

Today I talk to author Jenny Blake about how to navigate change and uncertainty. Her book, Pivot, The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, showcases her process for this, but our chat goes deeper. When everything shut down in March,

Focus on What You Can Control. A Book Launch Case Study with Leigh Stein

How can you launch a book in a constantly changing world? Author Leigh Stein is finding out. She has been focusing on what she can control, remixing strategic plans, and devising new ideas filled with creativity and connection.

Giving Away Your Creative Power (and How To Get It Back), With Shannon Connery, PhD

In today’s episode, I speak with Shannon Connery, PhD about how many writers and artists give away their power to create and share. We dig into the narratives that tend to limit our potential, leaving us with excuses instead of creative actions.

The “Why Bother?” Book Launch, With Jennifer Louden

So many writers and artists I speak with regularly reassess the path they are on with creating, publishing, and sharing their work. They ask a version of “Why bother?” Today, author Jennifer Louden shares two incredibly useful resources with us.

Embracing Vinyl Records in a Digital Age, with Kevin Smokler

I’ve known author Kevin Smokler for years. Recently, he did something astounding: he helped create an amazing documentary film called Vinyl Nation. In today’s episode, I chat with Kevin about how he took that left turn creatively,

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