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Dan Blank interviews writers and artists who have taken the leap from merely dabbling with their creative vision, to becoming successful doers whose work has a positive impact on others.

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Are newsletters, podcasts, and social media too crowded? (Podcast)

It’s common for me to read a headline or social media post from someone who shares a story or statistics that illustrate that a specific channel is “too crowded” and not worth pursuing. That may include email newsletters, podcasts, social media,

You are not a brand (podcast)

Recently I have seen people begin using the word “brand” a lot more. The context being that you have to “define your author brand” or “establish yourself as a brand” if you want to get the attention of readers. But you are not a brand.

What is the value of having social media followers? (podcast)

In recent episodes of this podcast, I’ve encouraged you to stop thinking about social media as being just about growing how many followers you have. But today I want to talk about the opposite: why having followers on social media can matter to your go…

Honor your connection to readers (podcast)

I have seen so much discussion recently about social media and email newsletters. Today, I want to encourage something critical: Focus on your goals as a writer and the experiences you want to have with readers.

Typewriters, and social media (podcast)

I am often in conversation with writers and creators about their mixed feelings about social media, or their downright dislike of it. In some ways, it feels like we are at a crossroads with social media. Relying on it for some important things,

Why your book isn’t getting reviews (podcast)

Many writers I speak with are surprised at how difficult it can be to get reviews for their books — even from friends, family, or colleagues. Today I want to talk about some reasons why that might be, and I’ll share advice on how you can get more revie…

Do your friends & family support your writing goals? (podcast)

I was speaking with a writer recently who shared a question someone asked them. You see, this writer is embarking on a new phase of her life where she wants to write fiction and creative nonfiction. Her friend asked: “If you were going to do something …

A Window or a Gateway (podcast)

I recently rewatched the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window. I can’t help but feel as though it is a lens into the challenges that writers face in navigating social media. Today I want to talk about how the movie is a metaphor for these challenge…

What does “just be authentic” on social media mean? (podcast)

As a writer or creator, I’m sure you have read that you should connect directly with your potential readers on social media, a newsletter, and elsewhere online. And when you ask “Um, what exactly do I share? How — specifically — do I do this?

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