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Dan Blank interviews writers and artists who have taken the leap from merely dabbling with their creative vision, to becoming successful doers whose work has a positive impact on others.

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“It Keeps Growing.” Promoting Your Book 2+ Years Post-Launch, with Beth Ricanati, M.D.

“I’m selling more books and the message is getting out there.” This is author Beth Ricanati, M.D. described the results of continuing to promote her book two years after release. She has been running workshops in-person and online in support of her boo…

“The book that won the Caldecott was my 99th story idea.” My Interview with Andrea J. Loney

Earlier this year Andrea J. Loney’s book, Double Bass Blues, received a Caldecott Honor. When I asked her about that journey she described how her very first book deal was for her 11th manscript. The next book she sold, Double Bass Blues,

“I Can Choose My Outcome.” On Creativity, Identity, and Success, with Vesper Stamper

Today author/illustrator Vesper Stamper shares powerful wisdom on the lessons she has learned in four decades of creative work. As a child, she found escape in books, she attended the arts high school featured in the movie and TV show Fame,

“You always have a choice, so operate from within that power.” On Money and Creativity, with Jacquette Timmons

Today I want to explore a topic that many writers and artists avoid: money and finance. I’m excited to welcome financial expert Jacquette Timmons onto the podcast. She talks about the psychology and emotion around money,

Book Launch Case Study, Part 3 with Leigh Stein

Welcome to the third part of my book launch case study with Leigh Stein. A year ago she and I began working on the marketing strategy for her novel, Self Care, which was released a few weeks ago. In this episode,

“I Look at Obstacles as Opportunities.” My Interview with Filmmaker Angela Tucker

Today I’m excited to share my interview with filmmaker Angela Tucker. We discussed the creative and business challenges of filmmaking, and consider the many lessons that has for writers and artists as well.

“You Can Hide Behind Amazon All You Want, But People Want to Know Who You Are As a Person,” My interview with Evan J. Roberts

When I asked Evan J. Roberts how he has been able to promote the 18 books he has written in the last few years, he told me: “As an author, you can hide behind Amazon all you want, but people want to know who you are as a person.

“It’s Not Selfish to Pursue Your Dreams, and It’s Never Too Late.” My Interview with Author Kalynn Bayron

Kalynn Bayron has been a musician, dancer, opera singer, and is now an author. Her new book Cinderella is Dead was just published from Bloomsbury. In our conversation, we talk about that path to publication,

“The Best Artists Pick Up What’s Left, and Generate Something New and Exciting,” My Interview with Writer Sonya Larson

Today I’m excited to writer Sonya Larson. We discuss her role as Director of GrubStreet‘s Muse and the Marketplace writing conference, and how they are adjusting to serving writers amidst the pandemic. I love her take on finding hope amidst challenges:…

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