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Dan Blank interviews writers and artists who have taken the leap from merely dabbling with their creative vision, to becoming successful doers whose work has a positive impact on others.

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How Writers, Artists, and Creators Can Thrive in an AI World (podcast)

The more I see of it, the more I am understanding how AI (artificial intelligence) will change the fields of writing, art, and all creative fields in a profound way. Today I’ll share examples of what I’ve been seeing,

How you share is a craft (podcast)

If you are reading this, chances are you are a writer, illustrator, artist, or creator of some sort. You have embraced your creative craft, and work to develop it year after year. I’ve always considered how we share to be a craft as well.

Why I moved my newsletter of 18 years to Substack (podcast)

I’ve sent a weekly email newsletter for 18 years. Recently, I moved it to Substack. In today’s episode I want to share the story of my newsletter, and why I am finding Substack to be interesting for writers.

Handcrafted vs AI writing and art (podcast)

Last episode I talked about the potential impact that artificial intelligence will have on writing, art, and creative work. Today, I want to focus on the opposite: the value of handcrafted creative work (writing, art, etc.),

How AI may change writing and creating (podcast)

Maybe you may have seen a lot of headlines recently about artificial intelligence (AI) writing or art. Recently, I’ve seen things with both that are giving me pause. Today I want to share three things: 1.) Why artificial intelligence in creative work i…

Case study: Book sales, audience growth, and earnings from an email newsletter (podcast)

Today I want to share details on how one writer I’m working with is selling more books, getting rapid growth in her audience, and increasing the revenue she earns from her writing. Melinda Wenner Moyer is a science journalist and author of the book How…

Simple Ways to Connect with Others (podcast)

In the work I do in helping writers connect with readers and grow their platforms, I find that there is often this pressure to “go viral.” To identify a tactic that reaches the most people with the minimum effort. And sure, that’s definitely useful.

Doing stuff works (podcast)

Every week, my friend Jennie Nash and I have a mini-mastermind call. On it, we discuss business challenges, creative goals, new ideas, and so much else. Today, I want to share two of the biggest and most consistent insights we have had,

Find your readers with intention (podcast)

I want to encourage you to do is be intentional about connecting with potential readers. No, I am not saying that you have to embrace networking. Instead, consider how you can regularly create moments and experiences around the kind of books or themes …

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