The Creative Shift with Dan Blank

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Dan Blank interviews writers and artists who have taken the leap from merely dabbling with their creative vision, to becoming successful doers whose work has a positive impact on others.

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Perfection vs Progress

Last week I sent out my newsletter to thousands of people, and in the very first line was a typo. Today I want to talk about how this typo represents what so many writers and creators tell me they fear: making a simple mistake that will sink their care…

“If there is a moment where you feel lost, find a new path that energizes and inspires you.” My interview with Amber Coleman-Mortley

Today I speak with Amber Coleman-Mortley who shares her wisdom on making a creative shift in your life. It includes “delusions of grandeur,” a “social contribution of making the world a better place,” and “needing to have a plan.

Why I Create and Share

Today I look back on the moment 25 years ago that became the birth of this podcast. But not only that, I reflect on why I create, and why I share. In this episode I share the story of how I created a zine in the early 1990s interviewing my favorite ban…

A Creative Reset

The last quarter of every year, I focus on a creative reset. This is time to collect and organize my ideas and with a sense of intention, prepare a sense of creative clarity for the next year. In this episode,

“I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but the book was my bright spot.” My Interview with Veronica Miller Jamison

Today, picture book illustrator and textile designer Veronica Miller Jamison, shares how she made a major career shift, and how that led to illustrating her first book. She discusses the value of surrounding yourself with people who appreciate the craf…

Quitting Her Job to Finish Her Novel: The Creative Shift of Naomi Jackson

Just as Naomi Jackson received a big promotion and raise at a job she loved, she quit. In doing so, she moved from New York City to the cornfields of Iowa with the goal of finishing her novel. In today’s interview,

“Because I was finally following my passion, everything fell into place.” My interview with author Gigi Pandian

Gigi Pandian is a USA Today bestselling and Agatha Award-winning mystery author of 10 books. Today we explore the huge creative shift she made to stop pursuing a PhD in order to fill her life with more creativity develop her career as an author.

From a 25+ Year Career in Education to Her First Book, with Valerie Bolling

For years, Valerie Bolling worked in education. One day, a visit from her nieces inspired her to write some stories. She set a goal to get published and “wrote and wrote and wrote.” Through a Twitter pitch, her book was acquired by a publisher.

How Star Wars Led to an Amazing Creative Shift, with Steve Sansweet

Today I want to share the story of an amazing creative shift. Steve Sansweet was working as a journalist when he was allowed to see an early screening of Star Wars in 1977. That day changed his life, and he went on to amass the world’s largest collecti…

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