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Dan Blank interviews writers and artists who have taken the leap from merely dabbling with their creative vision, to becoming successful doers whose work has a positive impact on others.

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Generosity should be your platform (podcast)

Instead of just recommending a book here and there, instead of just doing a #FollowFriday on Twitter, instead of just linking to someone, what if you gushed about them? What if you celebrated them in a big way? What if you honored what they create?

To engage readers: be consistent & delight them (podcast)

Today I want to discuss two strategies for effectively marketing your writing that may seem to conflict with each other. Yet, both are essential. Here they are: #1 Consistency Matters. #2 Delight and Surprise Your Audience.

4 critical steps to growing your audience (podcast)

Today I want to talk about how to reach your goals as a writer. That may be book sales, or book reviews, or appearances, or getting essays published, or developing a following, or so much else. I will cover four key areas from a marketing perspective: …

“I’m so happy to be writing, I feel like this is where I was meant to end up,” with Corie Adjmi

Growing up, Corie Adjmi was always experimenting with creativity, but grew up in a house full of athletes: “In the bookcase in my house, there were very few books, but a lot of trophies. But they always gave me the opportunity to take classes.

Create a Sharing System (Podcast)

Many writers and artists who consider how others will find their work look to the common channels: social media, email newsletters, and the like. But right away, they are confronted with challenges: “Um what do I share?

“I don’t create great work if I’m trying to figure out what trends to follow.” My interview with Mary Laura Philpott

I’m so excited to welcome author Mary Laura Philpott onto the podcast. We discuss how she developed her career as a writer, transitioned from a traditional job office job to freelance work, and how she got her first big bylines in major publications.

Define Your Creative Voice (podcast)

Have you struggled to develop the platform you want as a writer? I encourage you to hone the most powerful tool in your entire  presence as a writer: Defining your voice. Embracing your voice. Sharing your voice.

What Great Design Teaches Us About Building an Effective Author Platform (Podcast)

So many writers strive to get more followers for their writing. Today I want to discuss how to design an experience for how you engage with your readers, and develop your author platform. One that is thoughtful, focuses on engagement,

How You Share Is a Craft

Today I want to talk about how you share is a craft. Learning how to do so is akin to developing a new literacy. So many writers and creators consider “author platform” or social media as an overwhelming obligation.

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