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Information, inspiration and interviews on writing, self-publishing, book marketing and making a living with your writing.

If you need help with writing your book, or you want to learn how to navigate the new world of publishing and book marketing, then join Joanna Penn and her guests every Monday. Also covers the business of being a writer and how to make money with your books.

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Mental Models For Writers And The Empowered Indie Author With Michael LaRonn

Writing is absolutely about the practical step of getting words on the page — but your mindset can make the difference between success and failure, as well as how much you enjoy the author journey. In this interview,

Outlining Your Novel And Filling The Creative Well With K.M. Weiland

How can you use an outline to improve your book before you start the first draft? How can you use it to play with your creative ideas without feeling hemmed in by the process? In this interview, KM Weiland talks about how to outline your novel as well …

Starting From Zero And Success With BookBub Ads With David Gaughran

When you’ve been self-publishing over a decade, it’s easy to see how things have changed for indie authors and where the opportunities lie for publishing and marketing our books. In this wide-ranging interview,

Audiobook Narration, Production And Marketing Tips With Derek Doepker

Audiobooks are one of the fastest-growing segments in publishing and the expansion of podcasts onto every major platform means there are more ways to market to audio-first consumers (which increasingly includes me!) In this episode,

Publishing Wide For The Win With Erin Wright

Do you want to make your books available to readers in every format, in every online store and library, in every country? If yes, it’s time to go wide for the win! In today’s episode with Erin Wright, we discuss what ‘going wide’ means,

Creativity, Business, And Ambition With Emily Kimelman

How can you juggle full-time writing and a family? How can you manage ambition about adventure and travel with a desire to be a 7-figure author? How can you be both creative and a business-person? I talk about all this and more in today’s wide-ranging …

Changes In Ebook Publishing Over The Last Decade And Possible Changes Ahead With Len Edgerly Of The Kindle Chronicles Podcast

The last decade has seen a dramatic change in the publishing industry as ebooks and digital audio have gone from a side note to a huge part of the reader experience — and a significant part of independent author incomes. In this episode,

How To Write Narrative Non-Fiction With Matt Hongoltz-Hetling

What is narrative non-fiction and how do you write a piece so powerful it is nominated for a Pulitzer? In this interview, Matt Hongoltz-Hetling talks about his process for finding stories worth writing about and how he turns them into award-winning art…

How To Reboot A Flagging Author Career With Michaelbrent Collings

What happens when you’ve written award-winning books, get amazing reviews from readers, and your sales still start a downward spiral? You can give up writing — or you can take a step back, review your catalog, figure out a plan and up-skill,

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