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The Book Project is a fortnightly podcast dedicated to the discussion of a range of book-related topics from today's trends, controversies, must-reads, and other topics in the field of publishing. The Book Project is hosted by Master's of Publishing student Sarah Corsie, and is for publishers, editors, and those who simply love books as much as we do. (Previously known as Project: Room.)

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Episode #20: Go Away, I’m Reading — The Solitary World of Books

Does reading fiction really make us more empathetic, or does losing ourselves in a good book making us antisocial? On this episode of The Book Project, Sarah explores the solitary world of our favourite hobby, from the evolution of reading silently to th

Episode #19: Express Yourself — The Power of Zines

On this episode of The Book Project, we’re talking about zines! Alanna and Gill teach Sarah about the fascinating history of zines as a platform for fans, artists, and activists to share their ideas, the influence zines have had on their lives, and

Episode #18: All’s Fair in Publishing and Marketing: How Bestsellers Lists Work

The Book Project tackles the questionable business of bestsellers lists. We reveal how these lists are compiled, how some are cheating the system, and discuss the recent New York Times bestseller list scandal. Find The Book Project on Facebook for the ar

Episode #17: Beach Book Bag

Summer is here! The Book Project shares our hot picks for summer beach reads, covering topics from the way we talk to each other to reconnecting with our earliest celebrity role models. We also touch on a recent book promotion fail, and revisit our retro

Episode #16: Whose Story is it Anyway?

The Book Project gets into the issue of cultural appropriation in publishing. We consider some examples, tackle the misconceptions about what cultural appropriation looks like, and offer some solutions and ways that we as readers can encourage diversity

Episode #15: Poetry Slam

The Book Project belatedly celebrates National Poetry Month with guest Morgan Govier, who shares her experiences with poetry as both a published poet and a marketing assistant and publicist. We talk about the ups and downs of self-promotion, how to plan

Episode #14: The Return of Dystopia

Sarah and Alanna look at the recent resurgence of two dystopian classics, how what we read is a reflection of our current political climate, and what to do when fiction threatens to become reality (hint: signs are involved). We also announce our Bitchine

Episode #13: A New Player Has Joined the Game

On this episode of The Book Project, Sarah gets her head out of the books and learns about video game narratives from brilliant gamer girl Zoë Tustin. We learn the difference between embedded and emerging narrative, discuss how games reflect our present

Episode #12: Step 1: Read, Step 2: Keep Reading

The days are still short and things seem a bit bleak, but Sarah has a selection of books to look forward to in 2017 to keep us happy and hopeful. Find out which new books we’re excited for, and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for even more re

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