The Bestseller Experiment

Hosted ByMark Stay & Mark Desvaux

Join author and screenwriter Mark Stay with coach, entrepreneur and recording artist Mark Desvaux, as they discover the secrets to writing a bestseller and challenge themselves and you to write, market and self-published a bestselling book in just one year. Each week, they are guided by and interview million-selling, chart-topping authors, publishers on the inside, editors, agents, social media specialists, and many more big names who play a part in the bestseller process. From the writing to marketing, plotting to publishing, learn the secrets to help you write your way to the top of the charts.

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EP471: Jesse Sutanto — “Pure Writing.”

Jesse Sutanto is the award-winning, bestselling author of Dial A for Aunties, Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers and I’m Not Done With You Yet. Jesse tells how she learned about human behaviour through real estate and weddings,

EP470: Suzie Edge — “Vital Organs, Poo & Wee!”

We are delighted to welcome back Suzie Edge for this special episode of the podcast! Suzie is a phenomenon on TikTok and after her smash hit debut book Mortal Monarchs she returns with Vital Organs, a wonderful dissection of history’s strangest body pa…

EP469: Harriet Muncaster — “I Wanted to Create My Own World.”

Harriet Muncaster is an award-winning author and illustrator. Her Isadora Moon books have sold over two million copies worldwide. And in 2020, Muncaster also published Bad and Glittering, the first part of her middle-grade series Victoria Stitch.

EP468: Sarah Moorhead — “Grit in the Oyster”

Sarah Moorhead returns to the podcast with The Treatment, her extraordinary new novel that tackles issues of justice and revenge with compassion and heart. She reveals how she got back into writing after being dropped by her publisher and agent,

EP467: Linwood Barclay — “The Lie Maker”

In this very special episode, international bestselling author Linwood Barclay returns to the podcast to tease us with details of his new thriller The Lie Maker. He gives us tips aplenty for writers, reveals how a correspondence with Ross Macdonald cha…

EP466: Teresa Driscoll — “Be Genre Aware”

Teresa Driscoll is a former BBC TV news presenter whose psychological thrillers have sold over two million copies across the world. Her first thriller I Am Watching You hit Kindle Number 1 in the UK, USA and Australia and has sold more than a million c…

EP465: Damian Dibben — “It Needs a Bit of Bite.”

Damian Dibben is an acclaimed British author whose novels have been translated into twenty-seven languages and published in over forty countries. His series The History Keepers was an international publishing phenomenon.

EP464: AJ Pearce — “Passion, patience & persistence.”

AJ Pearce’s debut novel Dear Mrs Bird was a Sunday Times Bestseller and she returns with the third in the Emmy Lake series, Mrs Porter Calling. AJ tells us how writing started as a hobby, how it all very nearly went wrong with a plotless romcom,

EP463: Jeremy Szal — “I Want to Break the Reader.”

Jeremy Szal is the author of the Common trilogy from Gollancz, which includes Stormblood, Blindspace, and Wolfskin and he’s the author of over fifty science-fiction short stories, translated into six languages. He has a new novella, SCREAM IN BLUE,

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