The Bestseller Experiment

Hosted ByMark Stay & Mark Desvaux

Join author and screenwriter Mark Stay with coach, entrepreneur and recording artist Mark Desvaux, as they discover the secrets to writing a bestseller and challenge themselves and you to write, market and self-published a bestselling book in just one year. Each week, they are guided by and interview million-selling, chart-topping authors, publishers on the inside, editors, agents, social media specialists, and many more big names who play a part in the bestseller process. From the writing to marketing, plotting to publishing, learn the secrets to help you write your way to the top of the charts.

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EP032: Legal Eagles | Keith Mathieson and Paul Joseph

In this week’s episode from the BXP Archives… We get lawyered-up in this fascinating episode where we talk to a pair of top entertainment lawyers: Keith Mathieson is an expert in defamation and privacy law,

EP305: Deep Dive — Maria Dismondy – The Business of Inspiring Children

Maria Dismondy is the author of inspirational and award-winning children’s books such as Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun, she is also the CEO of Cardinal Rule Press, a publisher dedicated to diversity and inclusiveness in children’s publishing.

EP304: DV Bishop “History Is Really Badly Structured”

DV Bishop’s historical thriller debut City of Vengeance vividly takes the reader to 1530s Renaissance Florence. Writing historical fiction creates all kinds of challenges and DV Bishop tells us how it’s okay to not know everything about your chosen his…

EP031: Archive Rerun – Fear of Failure | Julie Cohen

In this week’s episode from the BXP Archives… Julie Cohen is the author of over twenty novels, including the Richard & Judy bestseller Dear Thing. She also teaches creative writing workshops and is a goldmine of writing wisdom.

EP303: Mark Stay and The Crow Folk

Some chancer called Mark Stay hijacks the podcast to shamelessly plug his new novel The Crow Folk. He gets all evasive about listener questions, refuses to discuss his murky past and almost storms out of the show… three times. Nevertheless,

EP302: Deep Dive — Literary Agent Q&A with John Jarrold

John Jarrold is a literary agent and editor who has worked with the likes of Michael Moorcock, Guy Gavriel Kay and John Courtney Grimwood. He answers our Patreon and Academates’ questions on pitching to agents, common mistakes,

EP301: Caimh McDonnell — Stranger Fiction

Bestselling indie author Caimh McDonnell makes a triumphant return to the podcast as Transworld author CK McDonnell with his new novel Stranger Times. Caimh tells us how he took everything he learned as an indie author to pitch this book to traditional…

EP300: Rich Leder — Write Anyway

Rich Leder is a screenwriter and novelist who tells us why our brains are always lying to us, why he writes with the door open (even with young kids running around), why finishing is so important, and why — despite all that’s going on in our lives — we…

Academy All Stars – JW Atkinson

Welcome to the first of our occasional Academy All-Stars mini episodes, where we talk to writers who have joined our academy and have done something extraordinary. JW Atkinson is a writer and teacher who in 2020 wrote 52 stories — one a week!

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