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Do you have a novel idea that's been floating around in your head for far too long? Maybe you've even started writing it, but it never really went anywhere...

We've reached the indie author revolution, my friends, and it's time to talk honestly about how to step into our role as the author we know we're meant to become.

The reality is, you've been afraid to move forward and I totally get it. I was there once, too. Maybe you're stuck because you feel like you have more to research - either on your story or on writing and publishing in general.

Whatever the case might be, it's time to take ownership of your dreams and dive into imperfect action.

You are listening to a podcast that promises to help you get clear on how to move forward, as well as hand over actionable tips on what you can do to get your novel published as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality. The great news is, this process is also 100% repeatable.

I can't wait for you to reach your full author potential.


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Industry Expert Interview: Joanna Penn

In today’s episode, I had the privilege of talking with Joanna Penn – host of The Creative Penn Podcast, fiction and nonfiction author, and futurist. We talked about her journey and where she envisions the indie author space heading as artificial intelligence starts to play more of a role in our author lives. Have a listen!

What is Amazon’s New Kindle Vella and Should Authors Join?

In today’s episode, we’re talking about Amazon’s new Kindle Vella serialized fiction platform: what it is and who should use it. I’ll also be talking about the royalty rates authors can expect and the hidden fees Amazon is glossing over. Have a listen!

USAT Bestselling Author Interview: Kel Carpenter

In my opinion, indie authors are never truly in competition with one another. In fact, we can learn so much about our own writing and journey by listening to the journey of other indie authors. Particularly, those indies in the same genre.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with USAT Bestselling indie author, Kel Carpenter! We talk about her journey to indie publishing and how her first book convinced her to keep going. Plus, she gives some advice to new indies wanting to make waves. Have a listen!

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Why Rapid Release Authors Should Hire a PA Early in Their Author Career

Authors are notorious for being introverts and lone wolves. Often, this mentality can make reaching success in their author careers much harder than it needs to be. On the other hand, sometimes it’s really just hard to ask for help. However, as a rapid-release author, there’s often too much for one person to take on. So what’s an author to do? Hire a PA, of course!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about all the ways a personal assistant can help an author free up time, expand their reach, and earn more. Click here to have a listen!

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Industry Expert Interview: Bryan Cohen (Best Page Forward | Amazon Ad School)

If you’ve been in the indie author space, chances are, you’ve already heard of today’s guest. He’s known as the book blurb guy, the ad guy, and the co-host of the Sell More Books Show.

Yes, that’s right… In today’s podcast episode, I’m talking with Bryan Cohen, author, CEO of Best Page Forward, and founder of the Amazon Ad School. We talk about his journey, why book descriptions matter, and how to get in on the latest Amazon Ad Profit Challenge. Have a listen!

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CASE STUDY: Bookbub Featured Deal v Freebooksy Series Promo

Authors are always looking for the best way to feature their books so they can gain attention, attract readers, and ultimately, get them sales. We’ve been discussing promo stacking, but last week I put FreeBooksy’s Series Promo to the test to see if it’s worth all the hype.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m going over the results from the past week’s stacked promos for the Windhaven Witches. And in specific, the Freebooksy Series Promo and how it compares to last year’s BookBub Featured Deal. The results might surprise you.

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Deviating from the Plan: Is it Ever Okay to Cancel or Postpone Launches?

your books out there. Maybe you don’t put books up on preorder or launch them as fast as you could. But what happens when you make those plans with the best intentions, only to have something fall through?

In today’s podcast episode, I’ll be discussing the topic many authors are afraid of – postponing or canceling a launch. Is there ever a time when this is okay? Or should you force yourself through just to appease your readers? Find out my take on this subject by having a listen.

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Industry Expert Interview: Ryan Zee (Plottr | BookSweeps)

For many new authors, the idea of plotting is a bit cringeworthy. We’re creatives and our creativity can’t be contained! Or can it? I was a pantser at first and I can honestly tell you that plotting changed my author world for the better. It can do the same for you, too.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m interviewing Ryan Zee from Plottr and BookSweeps. If you’re never heard of Plottr before, you’ll definitely want to listen up. Not only do we talk about this incredibly powerful plotting program, but how to use it in some nontraditional ways, as well. Check it out!

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The Truth About Reading in Your Genre

Most authors, at least, most that I’ve talked to, are also readers. However, one interesting thing that happens when they start writing… they stop reading! Why is this? Most of the time, it comes down to fear. They’re afraid their own work might be “tainted” or they could accidentally plagiarize.

In today’s podcast episode, I want to talk about reading in our own genre. Should we be doing it? Or is it a minefield for potential lawsuits? Well, I’ll let you be the judge. 😉

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