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Join the SPA Girls for a weekly show with information, tips and advice on how to get started with self publishing your books. If you're new to self publishing, we'll help you dip your toes in the water, answer the questions you were too afraid to ask, and generally show you that it's a great place to be!

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SPA Girls Podcast – EP275 – Read Through on a Series

This week’s podcast is all about Read-through – ie what percentage of readers read from the first book in your series to the next, and onwards. We cover: * how to calculate read-through and why its important that you do!

SPA Girls Podcast – EP274 – 5 Golden Guidelines For 2021 Goal Setting

Have you already listed your goals or resolutions for the upcoming year? Before you start whipping yourself into action, consider your ANSWERS TO THE GOLDEN QUESTIONS FIRST…

SPA Girls Podcast – EP273 – The One Right Way to Sell Books

Isn’t that what we’re all after? The ONE RIGHT answer to everything – the BEST newsletter strategy, the RIGHT way to sell books, the ONE secret to making ads work? Well, listen up folks because in this episode we’ve got the Magic Wand!

SPA Girls Podcast – EP272 – How To Believe In Yourself

Ever wondered why on earth you’re spending all this time writing? Ever think to yourself that maybe your writing isn’t that great? Ever think this self publishing lark is just too hard? Yeah, so have we. But this episode is all about how to throw away …

SPA Girls Podcast – EP271 – Christmas Roundup 2020

Celebrating the season with a quick recap of our Words For 2020. Hahahahahaha And then onto Important Burning Questions about our Christmas favorites.  Sometimes controversial, always tongue-in-cheek, our “unplugged” conversation will hopefully add so…

SPA Girls Podcast – EP270 – From Great Idea to Sellable Story

You’ve had a great idea for a story – now how do you turn it into a workable outline? This is a “live action” recording where the SPA Girls take a “great” idea – an Elf who hates Christmas – into a workable outline! Probably NSFW,

SPA Girls Podcast – EP269 – What To Do When You Run Out Of Steam

What do you do when you’re running out of steam and you’re only in the middle of the book? Or you’re just running out of steam in general?

SPA Girls Podcast – EP268 – How to Use Bonus Content to Sell Books

Bonus content is an awesome marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways – from encouraging people to sign up to newsletters, to convincing them to buy the next book in the series, or thanking superfans for their ongoing support.

SPA Girls Podcast – EP267 – Get Your First Book Right

Want to make sure you give your first book the best possible chance of success… and then have readers auto-buying the next in your series? Then this is the podcast for you! This week we give you a checklist of elements for a successful first book i…

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