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Join the SPA Girls for a weekly show with information, tips and advice on how to get started with self publishing your books. If you're new to self publishing, we'll help you dip your toes in the water, answer the questions you were too afraid to ask, and generally show you that it's a great place to be!

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SPA Girls Podcast – EP346 – Interview with Julia Roberts, Creativity Coach

Today we’re joined by Julia Roberts, MSc, writer, creativity coach, and soon-to-be Ted Talker. Julia is going to talk us through procrastination and the tools we can use to manage it. Goodness knows we all need this help!

SPA Girls Podcast – EP345 – How To Write A Successful Series

Do you want to learn how to design a series that will hook and keep readers, AND set you up for long term success? Helen Scheuerer joins us today to tell all!

SPA Girls Podcast – EP344 – Managing Book Projects

This week, in answer to a listener question, we talk about how we manage the process of writing a book. How many do we write at one time? Do we work on multiple projects at different stages, or just write and edit one book at a time?

SPA Girls Podcast – EP343 – Interview with ASA Maria Bradley

Bestselling Author Asa Maria Bradley suggests collaboration as a way to get creative again. Growing up in Sweden surrounded by archaeology and history steeped in Norse Mythology, inspired her sexy and paranormal romance series.

SPA Girls Podcast – EP342 – Interview with Mary-Theresa Hussey

One of the most experienced editors in the industry joins us in the SPA! Prior to becoming a freelance editorial consultant, Mary-Theresa (known as Matrice) worked at Harlequin for more than 25 years, editing nearly a thousand titles. As editor,

SPA Girls Podcast – EP341 – Graphics For Authors

Today’s episode answers a listener question – namely, how do you deal with all the graphics an author needs? DIY or outsource? And what works best?

SPA Girls Podcast – EP340 – Successful First Drafts

Hit the ground running with this episode all about how to successfully finish the first draft of your novel! We talk about how we stay motivated, what you need to know before you can start, how we keep going when we get to the saggy middle,

SPA Girls Podcast – EP339 – Becoming a Full Time Writer

Do you want to be a full-time author? Today we discuss how we transitioned to writing full-time, including: • how we approached the financial and business planning side • balancing the creative and business sides of the job

SPA Girls Podcast – EP338 – Psychology Tools For Authors

This episode we cover plot development AND character development and you’ll come away (hopefully!) with some awesome tips to improve your story telling and create compelling characters that your readers will love – or love to hate!

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