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Join the SPA Girls for a weekly show with information, tips and advice on how to get started with self publishing your books. If you're new to self publishing, we'll help you dip your toes in the water, answer the questions you were too afraid to ask, and generally show you that it's a great place to be!

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SPA Girls Podcast – EP449 – 7 Ways To Boost Your Positivity

Feeling a bit blah about your writing and / or author career? Welcome back to another 15 min SPA Girls mini-tips session. Today’s topic is 7 easy ways to boost your positivity that you can put into action TODAY!

SPA Girls Podcast – EP448 – Changing From Frontlist to Backlist Focus with Maggie Dallen

This week we talk to regency romance and young adult author Maggie Dallen, who tells us how she changed her mindset and her author business model, with huge success! Maggie is a prolific author who was writing up to twenty books a year,

SPA Girls Podcast – EP447 – Overcome Doubts & Back Yourself!

Doubts are the biggest creativity and success blocker. But it takes a strong person not to have them. No one said this was going to be easy, or everyone would be doing it. If you ask those that succeed in this business they will all tell you they’ve h…

SPA Girls Podcast – EP446 – Patreon, Kickstarter & Serials – with Tao Wong

How do you build superfans and a sustainable income through patreon*, kickstarter, subscriptions and serial works? Bestselling author Tao Wong joins us this episode to reveal all the secrets of keeping readers begging for more (cliff-hangers anyone ?!

SPA Girls Podcast – EP445 – 7 Easy Tips For Building Your Newsletter List

How the heck do you build a reader newsletter list when you’re first starting out? We’re back with another SPA Girls minisode, to get your author career rocking. Listen up for how we built our own reader newsletters and what tools and services we recom…

SPA Girls Podcast – EP444 – Five Steps to Being a Resilient Author with Patricia McLinn

Being a resilient author means being able to bounce back after experiencing a knock – and we all know that being a self-published author can knock you around sometimes! This week we talk with Patricia McLinn,

SPA Girls Podcast – EP443 – Book Marketing and TikTok with Kate Hall 

Kate Hall is a paranormal romance and non-fiction author who has taken her marketing expertise and used it to kick butt on TikTok. She started Alyne Digital Solutions in an effort to help authors make a sustainable income from their books,

SPA Girls Podcast – EP442 – Newbie Mistakes / Chapter Endings

This week we’re covering two burning topics: what are the worst mistakes newbies are making, and how to write chapter endings that keep readers reading!

SPA Girls – EP441 – Discovery Writing With Kimboo York

In this podcast we talk to KimBoo York about her latest book Secrets of Discovery Writing. We dive into how you can successfully use discovery writing when crafting your novel. It’s an awesome podcast and one the pantsers among us will really enjoy.

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