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A podcast about book publishing and author branding.

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Published Podcast Ep. 36 | The Art and Strategy of Book Cover Design with Chase Quarterman

In today’s episode I’ll speak with Greenleaf Book Group Design Supervisor, Chase Quarterman, about the art and strategy behind cover and interior designs that sell more books and make for the best reader experience.

Publish Podcast Ep. 35 | Author Events at Independent Bookstores with Eugenia Vela

In this episode we speak with Eugenia Vela, Director of Kids Events & Marketing at BookPeople in Austin, Texas, about how authors can plan events for their books at independent bookstores.

Published Podcast Ep. 34 | How Authors Can Use LinkedIn Effectively with Wayne Breitbarth

In this episode we’ll chat with Wayne Breitbarth about the ways authors can use LinkedIn to build their brands and promote their books.

Published Podcast Ep. 33 | Airport Distribution with Tim Koegel

In today’s episode we speak with Greenleaf Book Group author Tim Koegel about the ways self-published authors can pursue airport distribution.

Published Podcast Ep. 32 | Weaving Story Into Nonfiction With Jessica Choi

In this episode we’ll speak with Greenleaf Editor Jessica Choi about how nonfiction authors can utilize stories in their writing.

Published Podcast Ep. 31 | Elements of Nonfiction Books with AprilJo Murphy

Today I’ll speak with Greenleaf Editor AprilJo Murphy about the elements that comprise nonfiction books and how authors can approach writing them.

Published Podcast Ep. 30 | The Rise of Audiobooks with James Adams

In this episode I talk to James Adams, founder of audiobook producer Bee Audio, about the impact of audiobooks on the publishing industry and the process for authors to create their own audiobooks.

Published Podcast Ep. 29 | How Speakers Bureaus Work With Authors with Ken Sterling

In this episode I’ll talk with Ken Sterling of BigSpeak about how authors can work with speakers bureaus to build their books and brands.

Published Podcast Ep. 28 | Navigating Permissions for Outside Content with Carrie Jones

Today I’ll speak with Greenleaf’s Director of Production, Carrie Jones, about the process of seeking permissions to use already-published content in your book.

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