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A podcast about book publishing and author branding.

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Published Podcast Ep. 45 | How to Avoid the Biggest Publishing Mistakes with Justin Branch

In this episode, we speak to Justin Branch, the Director of Consulting at Greenleaf Book Group, about how to sniff out publishing scams, and the biggest mistakes he’s seen authors make when evaluating publishers.

Published Podcast Ep. 42 | Making The Most of Book Endorsements and Acknowledgments with Corrin Foster

Welcome to episode 42 of Published. Today we’ll speak with Greenleaf’s Director of Marketing and Branding, Corrin Foster, about the importance of reviews and endorsements. We’ll discuss the process of outreaching to potential endorsers, how you…

Published Podcast Ep. 41 | How to Choose the Best Title For Your Book with Erin Brown

In today’s episode, we speak to Erin Brown, an Editor at Greenleaf Book Group, about why titles matter to a books success and how you can choose one that will resonate with your audience.

Published Podcast Ep. 39 | Everything You Need To Know About Book Marketing in 2020 With Emily Maulding

In today’s episode we speak to Greenleaf Book Group Marketing Strategist, Emily Maulding, about the ins and outs of book marketing in 2020. She will discuss why marketing is such an integral part of the publishing process, and give some great tips…

Published Podcast Ep. 38 | How to Use Podcast Interviews to Reach New Readers with O’Licia Parker-Smith

In today’s episode we speak with Greenleaf Book Group Digital Media Strategist, O’Licia Parker-Smith, about podcasts and why they are a powerful way for authors to connect with their audience and boost their reach.  

Published Podcast Ep. 37 | Foreign Rights and How to Sell Them with Kristine Peyre-Ferry

Today I’ll speak with our Distribution Account Executive here at Greenleaf, Kristine Peyre-Ferry, to chat about all things regarding  foreign rights in book publishing.   

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