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Award-winning fantasy author L. Penelope shares perspectives on the writing life, creativity, inspiration, and this week's best thing.

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Extreme Scheduling

THIS WEEK’S BEST THING: Writer Happy Hour!
– CRY OF METAL & BONE releases August 11, 2020!
– Angelina M. Lopez –
– Alexis Daria –
– R…

Stickies, Notebooks, Folders & Digital Organization

THIS WEEK’S BEST THING: My new pillow is improving my life!
– Diane Peterfreund on plot boards – &…

The Revision Puzzle

THIS WEEK’S BEST THING: Great book, movie & tv show!
PALADIN’S GRACE by T. Kingfisher –
THE GREAT on Hulu 
THE OLD GUARD on Netflix 
CRY OF METAL & BONE pre-order campaign
The 40 sentence plot outline: https://sterlingandsto…

Ideas for the Future

YouTube version:
THIS WEEK’S BEST THING: I cut off all my hair, see my IG post:
– Galaxy’s Edge magazine –
– CRY OF METAL & BONE Pre-order campaign – https…

Pantsing for Plotters

THIS WEEK’S BEST THING: It’s HamilDay! Hamilton live on Disney+
This episode sponsored by CRUSHING IT by Lorelei Parker 
SSSCat Spray Dog & Cat Deterrent –
My Modified Story Grid spreadsheet –…

Who Tells Your Story?

THIS WEEK’S BEST THING: Climbing again!
– New Octavia Butler podcast “Octavia’s Parables” 
-“Does Allegory Prevent Star Wars From Being Anti-Racist?”
– “John Boyega is doing what Star Wars wouldn’t”
The My Imaginary Friends podcast is a weekly, behind…

Research & Mental Fertilizer

The Muse Writers Center –
First drag queen was a slave:
The My Imaginary Friends podcast is a we…

Mental Crop Rotation

THIS WEEK’S BEST THING: Primm’s Hood Cinema is back with Belly! Creative Penn podcast: – [example of…

Cultivate Empathy

This episode is brought to you by Kensington Books’ newest title from Renee Ann Miller, NEVER CONSPIRE WITH A SINFUL BARON. 
THIS WEEK’S BEST THING: What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for? Leslie Dwight poem:…

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