Minorities in Publishing

Hosted ByJenn Baker

Bimonthly podcast from publishing professionals Bev Rivero & Jenn Baker, and other industry insiders, on diversity (or lack thereof) in the industry.

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Episode 100: Interview with Liara Tamani

Author Liara Tamani discusses her new Black romance for teens and the impact of Black love in film.

Episode 99.5: Interview with Hannah Oliver Depp (during Covid)

In an addendum to Episode 99, bookstore owner Hannah Oliver Depp discusses how bookstores and the ABA are faring during the pandemic

Episode 99: Interview with Hannah Oliver Depp

Loyalty Bookstore owner Hannah Oliver Depp discusses the reality of being a small business owner before and during Covid-19.

Episode 98: Interview with Renée Watson

Renée Watson returns to the podcast to talk about her 10 years in the business as a writer & her new book.

Episode 97: Interview with Connor Goldsmith

Literary agent Connor Goldsmith talks Twitter presence, financial realities of agenting, and agent-client etiquette.

Episode 96: Interview with Abigail Hing Wen

Debut author Abigail Hing Wen discusses “Loveboat, Taipei,” combating Asian stereotypes, and the idea of balance

Episode 95: Interview with Angela Maria Spring

Owner of Duende District (Pop-Up) Bookstore Angela Maria Spring discusses her experience as a bookseller serving POC communities nationwide.

Episode 94: Interview with Kacen Callender

Award-winning author Kacen Callender discusses their adult crossover book, methods of writing for readership, and privilege.

Episode 93: Interview with Rena Barron

Kingdom of Souls author Rena Barron discusses her path to publication and the importance of Black people in fantasy.

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