Minorities in Publishing

Hosted ByJenn Baker

Bimonthly podcast from publishing professionals Bev Rivero & Jenn Baker, and other industry insiders, on diversity (or lack thereof) in the industry.

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Episode 24: Interview with Claudia Martinez

Jenn speaks with design director Claudia Martinez about how she got into the industry & the necessity of perserverance.

Episode 23: Interview with Tananarive Due

In the 1-year anniversary episode of the MiP podcast, Jenn speaks with acclaimed & award-winning writer/film maker Tananarive Due about her upcoming story collection, the politics of writing, and the need to write your truth. Plus, there’s a book giveaway

Episode 22: Interview with Amanda Nelson

Jenn talks with managing editor Amanda Nelson about diversifying her kid’s shelves, being active in promoting diverse voices in media, and the need to be aware of one’s preferences and leanings when reading.

Episode 21: Interview with Phoebe Yeh

Jenn speaks with VP/Publisher Phoebe Yeh about the realities of being an editor, the universality of stories (diverse ones in particular), and how much she learned working with her authors.

Episode 20: Interview with Linda Camacho

In the latest episode Jenn speaks with literary agent Linda Camacho about the concerns for increased diversity being a “trend” in publishing and how hiring managers can be on the look out fo rmore diverse applicants.

Episode 19: Interview with Ashley C. Ford

In episode 19 Jenn speaks with former Buzzfeed contributor, editor, and essayist Ashley C. Ford about the need for the publishing business model to better include & promote people of color as well as having to push through discomfort of uneasy discussion

Episode 18: Interview with Andrea Davis Pinkney

In episode 18 Jenn speaks with award-winning & NYT best-selling author and VP/editorial director Andrea Davis Pinkney on her journey from journalism to children’s books and her advocacy for African-American artists & voices.

Episode 17: Interview with Tracy Sherrod

In episode 17 Jenn speaks with editorial director of Amistad Books Tracy Sherrod on her experience getting into the industry, her love of books, and perceptions of Black literature.

Episode 16: Interview with Zetta Elliott & Renée Watson

In episode 16 Jenn speaks with authors, educators, and activists Zetta Elliott and Renée Watson on their experiences dealing with traditional and self-publishing as artists of color.

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