Minorities in Publishing

Hosted ByJenn Baker

Bimonthly podcast from publishing professionals Bev Rivero & Jenn Baker, and other industry insiders, on diversity (or lack thereof) in the industry.

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Episode 118: Interview with Samira Ahmed

[This interview was conducted online so there may be some audio variation.] New York Times bestselling author, Samira Ahmed, speaks to Jenn about her new YA novel Hollow Fires, the reasons why diversity panels should always have been craft discussion…

Episode 117: Interview with Erin Entrada Kelly

Newbery Medalist and Honor winner Erin Entrada Kelly discusses her latest middle grade novel.

Episode 116: Interview with Bethany C. Morrow

Episode 115: Interview with Daphne Palasi Andreades

Daphne Palasi Andreades, author of “Brown Girls,” discusses unconventional narrative voice and working with a BIPOC team.

Episode 114: 2021 Wrap-Up!

Writer and editors Denne Michele Norris and Jon Reyes join Jenn for a discussion of how bonkers 2021 has been in publishing.

Episode 113: Interview with Regina Flath

Designers in the house! Assistant Art Director Regina Flath discusses her path to publishing and the DEI work she’s taken on within her roles in the industry.

Episode 112: Interview with Anton Treuer

Ojibwe professor & author Anton Treuer discusses his new book and ongoing work in educating folx on U.S. Indigenous history

Episode 111: MiP + Desi Books Podcast Collab

Jenny Bhatt, author & creator/host of the Desi Books podcast, joins Jenn to discuss creating space to celebrate BIPOC creators.

Episode 110: Interview with Anjali Enjeti

Debut in both fiction & nonfiction Anjali Enjeti joins the podcast to discuss small pubs and pubbing in a pandemic year

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