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A single, burning question about love and relationships, every season. Explored through stories. Hosted by Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein.

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S7E6: Right Here Waiting for You

Ever since he was young, Jared believed he had to choose between being gay and being Muslim. Because everyone around him was telling him he couldn’t be both. This impossible choice tore Jared apart, up until the day he met a kind, blue-eyed stranger on a park bench. Email us at

S7E5: Ana in Paris

Ana’s first impression of Paris wasn’t very good. First of all, she was from Mexico. So she didn’t know a lick of French. She also hated the food. But she returned 10 years later and fell in love with the city – and with a tall Frenchman who had kind eyes. This storybook romance came with a cost, though. Email us at

Sidebar: Is This What Closure Looks Like?

Meredith and producer Katelyn Harrop take up two letters to Meredith’s Love Letters advice column. In the first letter, a man wonders if he should send that closure email he’s got all cued up. In the second, a writer asks if she should have worked harder to fix a former relationship. Email your dating and relationship questions to

S7E4: Still the One

Mel and Jay met way back in seventh-grade social studies class. Then in high school, they co-led the Gay Straight Alliance. Mel was straight; Jay was gay. In the years that followed, their love and connection remained durable, even as their relationship took many different forms. Email us at

S7E3: Welcome to Polyamory City

In 2020, Somerville, Massachusetts became the first municipality in the country allowing polyamorous relationships to qualify for domestic partnership status. Meredith talks to one of the first people to register for the new designation. They discuss what it means – and what it doesn’t. Meredith also talks to a legal expert about the broader social and legal implications of the Somerville ordinance. Email us at

Sidebar: Does ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Hold Up?

Love Letters producer Katelyn Harrop just saw “When Harry Met Sally” for the first time, which leaves Meredith (a WHMS superfan) with one burning question: Has it aged well? They discuss in this Sidebar mini-episode. Email your dating and relationship questions to

S7E2: No Roadmap Required

Michaela always craved the kind of life she didn’t have as a kid. She’d find a stable guy, settle down, and start a family. For several years, she seemed to be on her way. But then she discovered that, no matter how clear that original path may have seemed, she ultimately had to build her own. Email us at

Sidebar: He’s Hooked Up With All His Friends

Meredith and producer Katelyn Harrop take on two new letters, including one from a woman in her 40s who digs her new boyfriend but wasn’t thrilled to learn that he’d previously hooked up with most of the women in his friend group. Is this a red flag, or just ancient history? Email your dating and relationship questions to

S7E1: Bill & Jen’s Excellent Adventure

All this season, we’ll be telling stories of big changes and how they reshape people’s romantic lives. In the first episode, Meredith shares the story of Bill and Jen, who did that thing many people fantasize about: They quit their day jobs and built a business from scratch. What has this shift meant for their lives – and for their marriage? Email us at

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