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A single, burning question about love and relationships, every season. Explored through stories. Hosted by Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein.

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Bonus: Romanticizing Everything with Casey McQuiston

We’re back with a bonus episode today. Meredith chats with writer Casey McQuiston about all the things: finding romance for yourself in times of uncertainty, how they get their work done, and what makes a really good love story. McQuiston is the author of the new book “I Kissed Shara Wheeler,” the widely successful “Red, White & Royal Blue,” and “One Last Stop.” Email us at

Send us your stories of big change

Sometimes life is about big change. You move across the world. Quit or lose a job. Suddenly get Internet famous. Decide you must join the circus. Maybe not that, but you get it. For the next season of Love Letters, we’re looking for stories about big, monumental changes in people’s romantic lives. Have you ever made a 180 like this? Share it with us at

S6E10: Never Gonna Give You Up

For our final episode of the season, we collaborate with the podcast This Is Dating to bring you the story of Manny, a San Francisco thirty-something who’s been kinda sorta breaking a big relationship rule for 11 years and counting. The one that says: You’ll never get over an ex without making a clean break. Email us at For more on This Is Dating, visit

S6E9: I Couldn’t Help But Wonder

Yes, Devin Tomb knows that TV isn’t real life. That “Sex and the City” never explicitly promised her anything. And yet, it was hard not to believe in the future the show presented. Devin figured she, too, would have a squad of single women for adventurous nights and opulent brunches well into her 30s. So what happened? Email us at

S6E8: Red Flag Parade

When Margaret hit her early 30s, she felt like one of those collectible toys you keep in a box – in mint condition, untouched. She wondered: What am I saving myself for? So she said yes to a throuple that seemed romantic and daring and exhilarating. It turned out to be all of those things and more. Email us at

S6E7: These Rules Are Meant for Breakin’

Meredith sits down with two smart people who have spent a lot of time studying relationships – how we make them, what we look for in other people, and the “rules” that color these big decisions. Lamont White is a dating coach and matchmaker. Angela Bahns is a social psychologist whose work raises an important question: Is it actually true that opposites attract? Email us at

S6E6: Dancing With a Stranger

Ayesha Mattu was supposed to marry a man whose background mirrored hers: Pakistani, Muslim, and from a certain caste. For a time, that was the plan. Then, one night in a dimly lit club, she saw a cute guy dancing. And thus their adventure began. Email us at

S6E5: The Old College Try

When the pandemic hit, Iz was a junior in college with a vibrant social and academic life. They also had a serious partner, with whom they’d been in a monogamous relationship. COVID turned all of that upside down. So Iz decided to try something radical: to forego app dating and look for love IRL. Email us at

S6E4: 98 Percent Perfect

Just about everybody in a long-term partnership worries they’re not having the right amount of sex. It’s easy to wonder: What is “normal?” For Katie and her husband, this became a central question in their marriage – until she realized she should just stop asking. Email us at

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