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A single, burning question about love and relationships, every season. Explored through stories. Hosted by Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein.

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S4E7: Three Chords and the Truth

The thing about love is, we never stop learning. That’s a good thing. We’re supposed to be ever-evolving creatures, always working to be better. After three long-term relationships, Claire knows this as well as anyone. This is her story: three loves, many lessons. Email us at

S4E6: Paging Prince Charming

How do expectations for love affect what we seek, and how we define relationship success? Sarah Huckman had grand expectations for her romantic life heading into college. Then she got there and it wasn’t quite what she’d imagined. Also, Meredith’s sister, Brette, joins the show to share the most important relationships lessons she’s learned. Email us at

S4E5: The Role of a Lifetime

How do you get through the hardest moments as a couple? By building a strong foundation. Writer and actress Marianne Leone Cooper reflects on her life with actor Chris Cooper, and how the two of them supported and complemented one other when it mattered most. Email us at

S4E4: Jenny Plus Molly

Over the three decades they’ve known each other, Jenny and Molly have been friends, more than friends, and everything in between. Along the way, they’ve cycled through many different lessons about love, trust, and companionship. Their story is about how sometimes, no matter how much you grow and change, you can keep someone forever. Email us at

S4E3: No Ghosts Allowed

Monica grew up an Air Force brat, moving with her family from base to base in Europe, Asia, and the United States. She never stuck around long enough to make meaningful connections. It wasn’t until her 20s that Monica learned an important lesson: Relationships matter, and when they end, you must honor them with a proper goodbye. Email us at

Listen to Mr. 80 Percent!

Introducing Mr. 80 Percent, a new six-part narrative podcast hosted by friend-of-Love-Letters Mark Shanahan. Mr. 80 Percent is a deeply personal, sometimes harrowing, often funny, always true story about Mark’s odyssey with prostate cancer. There’s sex, celebrity cameos, real talk about masculinity, and more sex. Listen to Mr. 80 Percent wherever you get your podcasts, or online at

S4E2: What Buffy Taught Me About Love

Ian was going through a hard time, but his new boyfriend seemed just right. The guy was cute, and exciting, and didn’t make Ian dwell on his problems. But just when Ian needs him most, he reveals his limits as a partner. Turns out, it’s a love lesson ripped from the TV show Ian and Meredith share an obsession with: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Email us at

S4E1: Balls to the Wall

When Jenni and Drew hit their 40s, Drew decides to build a ball pit in their house. Not for their kids — for him. The splurge fulfills a lifelong dream of Drew’s, but it also holds a lesson about marriage, self-care at middle age, and learning to live for the moment. Email us at

Season 4 Trailer: Love at Any Age

On Season 4 of Love Letters, host Meredith Goldstein explores love at every age — from the first stirrings of teenage infatuation to the hard-won lessons of the golden years. Universal stories about dating and relationships, coming September 15. Email us at or find us on Twitter @lovelettersblog.

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