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Hosted ByAnna David

Through solo question-and-answer episodes as well as interviews with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and publishing insiders, New York Times bestselling author and TEDx speaker Anna David breaks down the best ways to launch a book that will change your career—and life.

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A book’s journey is far from over once it’s been launched. In fact, it’s got a whole lifetime ahead of itself. And so while this podcast leads you through writing and launching a bestselling book, its ultimate goal is to help you create a book that changes your career—and your life.

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Can Being a Part of an Anthology Help Build My Business?

As an entrepreneur, you might think the best way to build your brand is to write and publish your own book. But have you considered participating in an anthology? In this episode, I discuss the three golden nuggets necessary for an anthology to build…

Writing (and Not Publishing) Four Books with Joe DeMaria

Listen in on my “booktervention” with the genius entrepreneur Joe DeMaria about why on earth he hasn’t published a book yet. Recorded on the Wisdom app!

Should I Hire a Company to Write and Publish My Book?

A book is an excellent way to build your brand. But what if you’re not a writer? In this premiere episode of the Entrepreneur Publishing Academy podcast I discuss why hiring a company to write and publish it for you is a better idea than you may…

2021’s Most Popular Topics: Media Attention, Book Relaunches & Book Parties

It wouldn’t be a year-end episode without some sort of a year-end summary. So please enjoy this compilation of 2021’s three most popular Launch your Book podcast episodes: How Do I Get Media Attention from my Book? What Did I Learn from the Party Girl…

How Do I Arrange Readings for my Book?

In this episode, I discuss how you can have your reading at a book store even if you’re not a famous author. I also offer other creative ideas and venues you may not have considered that will make your reading a fun and memorable event.   WANT TO…

Should I Create Swag for My Book?

To swag or not to swag, that is the question—for authors looking for a marketing edge when releasing their books. In this episode, Anna draws on her experiences with the S-word, when it worked and when it didn’t.   WANT TO LAUNCH A BESTSELLING…

What Makes a Great Book Cover?

In this episode, Anna draws on her years of experience as an author and publisher to walk you through every aspect—design, story, marketing, cost, tools—necessary to create a great book cover.   WANT TO LAUNCH A BESTSELLING BOOK? GO TO

I’m Now a Book Critic! Here are the Books I Recommended!

What are the five books Anna recommends this month to Portland’s KATU viewers? Find out in this audio version of the TV segment.   WANT TO LAUNCH A BESTSELLING BOOK? GO TO

Brianne Davis on Launching a Book on Sex and Love Addiction

In this episode, actor Brianne Davis tells all about her roman a clef Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict and how it’s launched her massive coaching business and speaking career.   WANT TO LAUNCH A BESTSELLING BOOK? GO TO

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