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Helping Writers Become Authors provides writers help in summoning inspiration, crafting solid characters, outlining and structuring novels, and polishing prose. Learn how to write a book and edit it into a story agents will buy and readers will love. (Music intro by Kevin MacLeod.)

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Ep. 645: 14 Do’s and Don’ts of Time Management for Writers (from a Recovering Over-Achiever)

Time management for writers starts with practical steps for aligning your daily schedule to your vision for your writing life.

Ep. 644: “There and Back Again”: The Lord of the Rings and the Power of Despair in Fiction

To create fiction that offers life-changing hope, authors must be willing to also embrace the power of despair in fiction. Here are 5 tips.

Ep. 643: How to Use Archetypes in a Series

Consider the following four approaches to how to use archetypes in a series so you can determine which feels most resonant for your story.

Ep. 642: How Meditation Can Inspire Your Next Story

Whether you’re using a guided approach or just freewheeling, here are five ideas for how meditation can inspire your next story idea.

Ep. 641: Announcing Archetypal Character Guided Meditations! (+Giveaway)

Based on six transformational character arcs, these Archetypal Character Guided Meditations will help writers brainstorm even better stories.

Ep. 640: What Are Antagonistic Proxies? And How Can They Help Your Story?

Here are four tips for how to use antagonistic proxies to your advantage, depending on your story’s needs, without complicating your story.

Ep. 639: Where Should You Start Plotting Your Story?

An overview of the main concerns when deciding where to start plotting a story, depending on where it makes the most sense for you.

Ep. 638: Hot Tip for Character Relationships: The Relationship IS a Character

One of the best tricks for writing memorable character relationships is to think of each relationship as an entity of its own. Here’s how.

Ep. 637: How to Rediscover the Joy of Writing

What happens when you lose the joy? Learn how to rediscover the joy of writing you experienced way back at the beginning of your journey,

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