Go Publish Yourself: An IngramSpark Podcast

Hosted ByRobin Cutler & Justine Bylo

Join us as we explore trending topics, discuss publishing industry news, and share expertise on how to self-publish a book successfully. IngramSpark’s Director Robin Cutler and Manager of IngramSpark’s Author Acquisition Program Justine Bylo will be joined by publishers and experts throughout essential fields in the publishing industry to provide you with self-publishing resources. These short episodes are an easy way to gain quick insights on how to self-publish your book. Visit www.ingramspark.com for more information.

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Indie Book Promotion Timeline with Fauzia Burke

No matter how much you promote your book, do you feel like you’re still one step behind? Maybe your promotion is a bit out of order. Join us as we discuss the ideal book promotion timeline—and learn why this matters to you.

Publishing a Book to Grow Your Business with Alex Fullerton

Looking for a new approach to grow your business? If so, have you ever considered publishing a book?

Professional Book Reviews with Patti Thorn

Book reviews are an important part of your marketing plan, but are all book reviews created equal? Learn more about using professional book reviews to help you sell more books.

Book Marketing While Writing with Rick Lite

How can you plan ahead and begin marketing your book while you’re still writing? Rick Lite joins IngramSpark this week to discuss book marketing while writing.

Types of Book Editing with Natasa Lekic

This week, we’re joined by professional editor Natasa Lekic to chat about all things book editing. Join us as we learn more about the different types of book editing and why professional editing is an important step in the self-publishing process.

Book Copyright FAQs with Helen Sedwick

Understanding copyright can sound intimidating, but it’s necessary if you want to self-publish a book. Join us as we lay out the foundations of book copyright in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Author Income with Orna Ross

Looking for ways to increase your author income? Orna Ross is on the podcast this week to discuss the seven different ways authors can earn money.

Digital Book Marketing with Stephanie Chandler

Are you ready to take your book marketing to the next level? Tune in to learn more about the foundations of digital book marketing for authors.

Self-Publishing Trends 2018-2019

We’re back for Season 3 of Go Publish Yourself! Join us as we discuss self-publishing trends with Robin Cutler and Justine Bylo.

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