Burning Brigh‪t‬

Hosted ByJon Shorr

Passager’s weekly podcast, presenting poetry and prose by writers over 50. Hosted by Jon Shorr.

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Excerpts of “An Empty Sky,” a short story by Massachusetts writer Sean Padraic McCarthy from the 2020 Open issue of Passager. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Trying to Come Home

Excerpt of a memoir by Chinese-American writer Roy Cheng Tsung, from his new book Ox Horn Bend, just released from Passager Books. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Hunger & Faith

Two poems by poets Kathy Mangan (Taproot) and Harry Bauld (The Uncorrected Eye). Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)


Excerpts from Illinois writer Julie McCracken’s memoir “Lord, Please Let Me Live Until Strawberry Season,” published in Passager in 1992. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Battered Wife

Excerpts from Iowa writer Pam Kress-Dunn’s memoir “Love and Fury in a Plastic Box,” from the 2019PassagerOpen Issue. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Lizzie the Coyote

Excerpt of an essay by Oaxaca writer Robert Joe Stout called “Laughing at the Moon,” published in the 2017 Open Issue of Passager. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Growing Up in Traumatic Times

A poem by 2020 Passager Poet Liz Abrams-Morley, from the 2020 PassagerPoetry Contest issue. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)


Two poems by poets Ruth Mota (2018 Passager Poetry Contest) and Leatha Kendrick (2017 Passager Poetry Contest). Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Before you write from the heart

Three poems from New Jersey poet Dennis H. Lee, 2020 winner of the Henry Morgenthau III First Book Poetry Prize for his collection, Tidal Wave. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

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