Burning Brigh‪t‬

Hosted ByJon Shorr

Passager’s weekly podcast, presenting poetry and prose by writers over 50. Hosted by Jon Shorr.

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A Peek at the New Issue

Two pieces from the forthcoming issue of Passager, from Elaine Logan and Michael Salcman. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Chinese New Year

An excerpt from Beyond Lowu Bridge by Roy Cheng Tsung to commemorate the Chinese New Year. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Valentine’s Day

Three poems about love, from Sheila Golburgh Johnson, Virginia Anderson and Ebby Malmgren. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

Groundhog Day

Three poems about animals that generally stay out of sight during the winter, by Lisa Bellamy, Judith Bernal and Stuart Chalfant. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)


Three poems from Passager writers Anita Mewherter (2018 Open Issue), Pilar Saavedra-Vela and Rex Wilder (2020 Poetry Contest Issue). Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)


Celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King with pieces by Margaret Rozga and Eugenia Collier, from Passager’s special Martin Luther King issue, published in 2008. Support the show...

The Quarantine 15

Three poems about food, by Miles Coon (2010 Passager Poetry Contest), Peter Harris (2012 Passager Open Issue) and Shirley J. Brewer (A Little Breast Music). The cover art is...

New Orleans Bound

Excerpts of an essay by Virginia writer Joyce Abell, from her memoirPrickly Roses, published by Passager Books in 2017. Meet Abell in a video interview. Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

It Pleases Me No End

Three poems to celebrate the season, from Steve Matanle (Nightbook), Sarah Yerkes (Days of Blue and Flame), and Jean L. Connor (A Cartography of Peace). Support the show (https://www.passagerbooks.com/donate/)

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