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Through solo question-and-answer episodes as well as interviews with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and publishing insiders, New York Times bestselling author and TEDx speaker Anna David breaks down the best ways to write, publish and promote a book that will build your business.

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How Do I Figure Out the Core Audience for My Book?

Remember that the riches are in the niches and go find that rabid group that will become advocates for your book. This episode breaks down how.   WANT TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS WITH A BOOK? GO TO TO FIND OUT HOW.

How Do I Make Money From My Book (Aside From Through Book Sales)?

I didn’t make a lot of money from book sales but I’ve probably added a hundred thousand dollars to my bottom line as a result of the book. This is how.   WANT TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS WITH A BOOK? GO TO . 

How Do I Use My Book to Get Email Subscribers?

With newsletters, you are offering readers opportunities to do what they want to do—whatever it is that had them buy your book and then sign up for your list. So how do you use your book as an opportunity to get them to do that?   WANT TO BUILD…

How Do I Use My Book to Get Speaking Gigs?

If an event organizer is considering two different people to speak on a certain topic and one of those people has a book and is a bestselling author, that person is going to get the gig. But it is not as simple as writing a book and waiting for these…

How Do I Get Media Attention From My Book?

It’s actually quite self-obsessed of us to believe our book is newsworthy to anybody; you need to give the media a reason to cover you. Here’s how.   WANT TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS WITH A BOOK? GO TO TO FIND OUT HOW.

How Do I Get Blurbs for my Book?

Blurbs, also known as endorsements, are one of the most misunderstood aspects of publishing. Authors tend to prioritize these so much when they need to be asking themselves if they’ve ever bought a book because of who blurbed it (99% of the time: no)….

How Do I Use My Book to Get on Podcasts?

Podcasts are one of the best ways an author can reach an audience (as you well know, you podcast listener, you!) But how do authors get on them? Well, there are definitely right and wrong ways to pitch yourself and this episode breaks down both, and…

How Do I Get Clients From My Book?

Experienced authors know that very few of us make money from book sales. Some know, however, that it’s quite possible to make a lot of money if you use your book to build your business. Since most businesses don’t exist without clients, this episode…

Marleen Seegers on Selling the Foreign Rights to Your Book

Marleen Seegers is the co-founder of 2 Seas Agency, which sells the foreign rights of books by authors such as James Altucher. She’s also the host of the Make Books Travel podcast. Her team pays regular visits to international book fairs such as those…

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