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Bookworm is dedicated to doing more than just reading books. Joe and Mike read a book every two weeks and discuss ways to apply the authors lessons to their lives.

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190: Learn Like a Pro by Barbara Oakley & Olav Schewe

Do you have trouble learning new things? Today’s authors promise to help us improve our ability to learn based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Join Mike & new co-host Cory Hixson as they attempt to make the best use of their brains.

189: Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

Today’s authors (and Stanford Life Design Lab co-founders) promise to help us use design thinking to create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling. Join Mike and new co-host Cory Hixson as they attempt to build their version of a well-lived,

188: Feel Good Productivity by Ali Abdaal

This episode of Bookworm is sponsored by: Productivity isn’t just hard work and efficiency. Today’s author promises to teach us an easier and happier path to success. Cory’s Talking to the Internet podcast Mike’s Obsidian University Cohort Bookworm #18…

187: Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, & Sheila Heen

As humans, we tend to avoid conversations that can cause us to feel anxious or frustrated. But today’s authors make the case for leaning into these difficult conversations and give us advice for doing so with confidence and skill.

186: Same as Ever by Morgan Housel

We tend to focus on the things that are new and different. But today’s author argues that we should really be looking at the things that stay the same. Join Joe & Mike as they attempt to navigate uncertainty by focusing on the things that never,

185: Who Not How by Dan Sullivan & Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Today’s author(s) promise to teach us a perspective shift that will help us achieve incredible personal freedom. Join Joe & Mike as they consider who can help them get where they want to go. Adam Grant’s Hidden Potential Quiz Bookworm #184: Hidden Pote…

184: Hidden Potential by Adam Grant

Today’s author offers us a new framework for raising aspirations and exceeding expectations. Join Joe & Mike as they attempt to reach their full potential. Canvas Candy for Obsidian Mike’s YouTube video on Canvas Candy Mike’s Obsidian 101 Black Friday …

183: Build by Tony Fadell

Today’s author (and leader of the product teams behind the iPod, iPhone, and Nest thermostat) shares about leadership, design, startups, Apple, Google, decision-making, mentorship, devastating failure, and unbelievable success.

182: Clear Thinking by Shane Parrish

Today’s author promises to give us the tools to navigate the critical space between stimulus and response. Join Joe & Mike as they embark on a journey to optimize their decision-making and live more intentional lives.

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