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Children's book publishing’s secrets are revealed as we listen in on fascinating, unguarded, insider discussion from two uniquely qualified best friends: award-winning author/illustrator Grace Lin, and one of NYC’s top editors, Alvina Ling. Go behind the scenes of kid lit and catch a glimpse of the lives of the best-selling author and editor, and the relationship between them.

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Episode 98: CHOP SUEY! SLJ Black History Month Cover, Food, Names, and book recommendations!

Grace and Alvina discuss the SLJ February cover and cover story controversy, they share their current food obsessions, talk about discovering names for things they didn’t realize existed, and welcome Alison Morris to tell us what we should all be…

Episode 97: Sleep!

Grace and Alvina are joined by special guest, author Emily X.R. Pan, to talk about everything having to do with sleep. Sleep issues, the importance of sleep, tips for sleeping, and goodnight book recommendations! See complete show notes at…

Episode 96: Resetting for 2021 with the Lunar New Year!

Grace and Alvina talk about the upcoming Lunar New Year, how they celebrate as children and now, and what the year of gengzi means. They also talk about Gretchen Rubin’s four tendencies, and how knowing your tendency can help you achieve your goals….

Episode 95: Newbery and Caldecott!

Grace and Alvina talk about the 2021 Newbery and Caldecott award winners and see how they did with their predictions. They discuss their past award favorites, and discuss the potential effects of the award. See complete show notes at…

Episode 94:CHOP SUEY! Phishing, Publishing news, Caldecott predictions, and book recommendations!

It’s BFF’s first Chop Suey episode! Grace and Alvina talk about phishing attempts, publishing news, they invite special guest Alison Morris to tell them what they should be reading, and they also share their Caldecott and Newbery predictions. See…

Episode 93: Ask an Agent: Jennifer Laughran

Grace and Alvina welcome special guest Jennifer Laughran, literary agent, and they discuss everything from morality clauses to what makes a good agent-author relationship. See complete show notes at Click here to become a…

Episode 92: Podcast changes!

Grace and Alvina discuss the results of their podcast survey, and talk about what changes they’re planning on making to the podcast in the new year, including starting a Patreon. See complete show notes at .

Episode 91: 2021: Looking Forward

Happy new year! Grace and Alvina talk about their holiday season and discuss some of their new year’s resolutions for 2021, including their words of the year. See complete show notes at .

Episode 90: Looking Back on 2020!

Grace and Alvina look back on 2020, including their highlights and lowlights, and how they did on their goals and resolutions. See complete shownotes on .

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