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On 33% Pulp, hosts Linzi, Daniel, and a guest host each read a different third of a pulp novel, then recap it over three episodes — piecing together the plot and laughing at the prose. Join us for tales of teleportation, giant crabs, and super awkward descriptions of sex.

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Season 5 Announcement!

We’re back….next week! We’ll kick off Season 5 with the book .   Follow us on social media!


Hello friends! In this final stop of our off-season tour, Linzi reads a short story written by her niece Taylor. The story is about life, death, discovery, and transformation. There’s a critique of the US healthcare system and a bold proclamation…

OFF-SEASON TOUR: The Herpes of the Opera from Ignorance Was Bliss

In our second stop in this off-season tour, we visit the podcast and its host, Kate!   In this episode, Courtney and I join Kate to talk about The Phantom of the Opera. We discuss things like how we lost our Phantom virginity, how crap Raoul…

OFF-SEASON TOUR: Amelia Bedelia and “Hiatus” with Taylor

We’re still thinking of you, dear listener! In this micro ep, Taylor comes back to talk about one of her favorite books (that she hasn’t read in a while), explain some social ramifications of cutting up your employers towels, and learn a new word. –…

The Pulpies: Season 4

In our season 4 finale, Daniel and Linzi remember the good (and the bad) of this season’s books: Claudia and the First Thanksgiving, Do Not Murder Before Christmas, Ghosts I Have Been, The Panorama Egg, and The Secret of the Old…

Youth Sleuths for Truth: Dr. Alysa Lucas on Nancy Drew (2007)

Alysa Lucas joins us to discuss the 2007 movie, Nancy Drew. Join to hear us talk about the on-brand sleuth savant and terrible pranks in this surprisingly star-studded adaptation. It’s the new sincerity!   Check out Alysa’s podcasts: —– Find…

Nancy Drew – The Secret of the Old Clock Part 3: Preposterous Walrus

Nancy Drew – The Secret of the Old Clock Part 2: Nancy Comes Out of the Closet

Nancy Drew – The Secret of the Old Clock Part 1: Tragic Boat Explosion

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