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The podcast for pop culture and comic book fans. Each week the panel of comic book enthusiasts take a look at current titles, collected trades, and give their take on current pop culture news.

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MSP#81: The Watchmen Podcast

The Man of Steel on the auction block! The Commander In Chief takes over the industry! Wee Hughie oversteps his bounds!

MSP#80: The Fan Film

Rodrigo doesn’t see the point in voting for a lesser evil, Steve knows what evil lurks in the heart’s of fanboys, Matthew is smitten times two, but will they kiss? Doctor Peter Coogan returns for an analysis of why the other geeks are all better than you.

MSP#79: Yaaaay! Scott Pilgrim Saves the Podcast

The last son of Gallifrey gets animated, British superheroes cross the Atlantic, there can be only one! Plus: Ragnarok and roll is here to stay, the goddamn Riddler’s got to go, two ladies in tiny costume go head to head

MSP#78: It’s a Sinfest Podcast

It’s a cartoon wonderland, as we seek out braveness, boldity, heroism, and truthiness! Wolverine leads the X-Men! New York Comicon! The Devil made Slick do it, and the Legion of Super-Heroes goes quietly into that good night… Again.

MSP#77: Sex in Comics

News you can use, reviews to he’p you choose, the pop culture blues, Deadpool’s dancing shoes, ain’t go no Tom Cruise, and the dreaded S-E-X gets dragged out and into the light, as we look as Super Happy Adult Fun Time Activities in comic terms.

MSP#76: Final Crisis Crisis

The Major Spoilers Crew breaks down the last issue of DC’s Final Crisis in a page by page commentary.

MSP#75: The Marvelous Podcast

This week in Spoilers: Black Lanterns revealed, and people ain’t happy… Sexy, sexy, lizard girls on parade… Phil Sheldon loses an eye, but the fun and games ain’t over yet…


Wax on! Wax off! Who watches the Watchmen? All of us! The Commander In Chief is the Commander Out of Stock! Fan Feedback! Teen Titans! Nightwing Nocturnal! Witches Without Wardrobe! And this time, it’s personal!

MSP#73: Final Crisis #6 Blow by Blow

The Major Spoilers Crew breaks down the latest issue of DC’s Final Crisis in a page by page commentary.

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