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A podcast about fantasy, science fiction, and the broader speculative fiction industry. Episodes air twice a month and include discussions about trending topics in the industry; interviews with authors, editors, podcasters, and more; and the occasional raving about the books we love.

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73: Sarah Gailey Interview

Travis interviews author Sarah Gailey about their latest book, The Echo Wife. This standalone thriller from Tor Books features a brilliant scientist who catches her husband having an affair with her clone after stealing her research. Sarah and Travis discuss the wonders of vine ripened tomatoes, pushing back against narrative ableism, and how our identities are…

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72: T. Frohock Interview

Travis interviews author T. Frohock about her latest book from Harper Voyager, A Song With Teeth. It’s the third novel in the Los Nefilim series, which follows the half-angel Nefilim through the political strife of the Spanish Civil War and World War 2. Teresa and Travis discuss the women spies of World War 2, the…

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71: The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water: Part 1

Dan and Luke from the Don’t Call it a Book Club podcast join Travis to discuss Zen Cho’s novella, The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water. We’d love to say we had a deeply intellectual conversation, but then again, that’s why we don’t call it a book club. Interested in sponsoring a podcast…

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70: Let’s Talk About Legend (A Fictional Conversation Crossover)

This week the hosts of A Fictional Conversation join Travis to discuss the 1985 film Legend. This episode covers full spoilers! Interested in sponsoring a podcast episode or purchasing an ad? Find out more here. Find Bobby Online: Twitter Find Daniel Greene Online: YouTube Channel Twitter Discord Server Find Us Online: Blog Discord Twitter Instagram…

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69: Editor Roundtable w/ Diana Pho and Nivia Evans

Editors play a crucial role in creating the books we love. They acquire books for publishers and help authors polish their manuscripts into the wonderful stories we pick off the shelves. And that’s far from all they do. Joining us this week are Diana Pho (Story Producer at SerialBox) and Nivia Evans (editor at Orbit…

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68: Mike Chen Interview

Travis interviews science fiction author Mike Chen about his latest book from MIRA books, We Could Be Heroes. It’s a standalone story where a superhero and supervillain accidentally meet in the same support group and decide to become friends, and it’s every bit as lovely as that sounds. Mike and Travis discuss how to make…

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67: M.A. Carrick Interview

Travis interviews authors Marie Brennan and Alyc Helms about their latest book from Orbit Books, The Mask of Mirrors. Marie and Alyc are writing the Rook & Rose trilogy under the joint name M.A. Carrick, and their masterful worldbuilding shines through in this story of con artists, nobles, and vigilantes. The discussion takes a deep…

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66: Our Most Anticipated Books of 2021

After at least a decade, 2020 is over! With a little luck, 2021 will be a better and brighter year for all of us. If nothing else, there are certainly a lot of great books to look forward to! The Inn attempts to narrow down the dozens of books they’re excited about for 2021, as…

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65: Our Favorite Books of 2020

`Tis the season… for Best Of lists! We’ll be posting a separate blog post for our collective favorite reads of the year later, but for now we have Sara, Jenia, and Travis sharing their favorites with you here. To get the standard disclaimers out of the way, these are simply the books we read during…

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64: Jordan Cobb Interview

Travis interviews actor and podcaster Jordan Cobb about her newest audio fiction show, Primordial Deep from No Such Thing Productions. The show’s tagline is “There’s no such thing as extinct” and follows a crew as they descend to the depths of the ocean floor to research the sudden reappearance of prehistoric creatures. Jordan and Travis…

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