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Get smarter about your books! The BookSmarts podcast features discussions about publishing data and technologies and interviews with industry experts, deep thinkers, and doers, bringing you insights that will help you sell more books.

Joshua Tallent is an acclaimed teacher and guide on the role of data in publishing, and a vocal advocate for high quality book metadata. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys playing complex board games, playing Minecraft, and fiddling with his 3D printer.

Episode 15: Updates on Keywords and Reviews

There are some changes happening around keywords and reviews at Amazon, so we take a few minutes this week to talk about them. Amazon recently changed their keyword requirements again. It is unclear how broad this change is, and whether it will even stay in place, but Amazon started restricting the Keywords field to 350…

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Episode 14: Mary McAveney on Book Discovery

Mary McAveney, Chief Marketing Officer at Open Road Integrated Media joins us this week on the BookSmarts Podcast. Mary has extensive expertise in marketing, strategy, and branding in the publishing industry, and now helps the Open Road team tackle marketing and discovery withdata-driven tactics and a comprehensive understanding of direct-to-consumer marketing. In this episode, Mary…

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Episode 13: Alessandra Torre on Indie Author Strategies that Publishers Can Use

Alessandra Torre, CEO of Authors A.I. and BingeBooks and a NY Times bestselling Psychological Thriller and Romance author, joins Joshua to talk about various strategies independent authors utilize when marketing and selling their books, and how publishers can take advantage of these strategies. Alessandra’s suggestions cover a wide range of topics. Being flexible in pricing,…

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Episode 12: Michael Cader on Challenges and Opportunities in Publishing

In this episode, Michael Cader, Founder of Publisher’s Lunch, joins me to talk about some of the challenges and opportunities publishers are encountering. Publishers are doing great right now, with record sales and profit margins, and larger year-over-year growth than anyone could have expected. Meanwhile, the people who work in publishing, includingbooksellers, authors, and…

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Episode 11: Recent Kindle Changes: A+ Pages and the Death of the MOBI Format

Amazon has recently made two big changes to their publishing systems, and both of these changes will have an impact on publishers of all sizes. The first change is that Amazon now allows publishers using the Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP) platform to set up A+ Content for their book product pages. The A+ program has…

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Episode 10: The Need for Standards

Standards are an important driving force in every civilization. Standards help us all agree on how we define things, and provide opportunities for us to more effectively engage with each other in trade and in other ways. There is an interesting article in Science Magazine about how traders in the ancient Near East and Europe,…

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Episode 9: Erik Nelson on Branding and Marketing

In this episode, Joshua talks with Erik Nelson, a friend and marketing consultant, about how publishers can approach rethinking their own branding, and develop a more powerful approach to marketing based on their passion and mission. Publishers, like other businesses, will fit broadly into three categories: 1) Those who are starting from scratch, have no…

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Episode 8: Everything You Wanted to Know About Keywords

Keywords are a popular topic among book metadata experts and book marketers, and publishers reach out to me all the time to ask for clarification and advice on how to effectively deal with them. So, in this episode of the podcast, we are going to break down the topic of keywords for you in depth….

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Episode 7: Andy Hunter on the Role of Independent Bookstores and the Need for Innovation

In this episode, Joshua talks with Andy Hunter,Founder & CEO of Andy started BookShop out of a concern for the future of independent bookstores. As Amazon has grown and taken a larger share of the online book selling market, publishers have become more dependent on that one store. BookShop aims to give more power…

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Episode 6: Clay Tablets and Metadata Overwriting

This episode starts with a story about clay tablets and builds a connection all the way up to a modern metadata issue. The story is about how a team of researchers utilized cutting edge mathematics to trace the trade itineraries and sales transactions left behind by Assyrian merchants 4,000 years ago. Using this information, the…

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