Series: Minorities in Publishing

Bimonthly podcast from publishing professionals Bev Rivero & Jenn Baker, and other industry insiders, on diversity (or lack thereof) in the industry.

Episode 15: Interview with Nilah Magruder

In episode 15 Jenn speaks with illustrator and writer Nilah Magruder about the lack of diversity in the animation and comic book world and the need to be “present” as an artist.

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Episode 14: Interview with Emily X.R. Pan

In episode 14 Jenn speaks with Bodega Magazine editor-in-chief, writer, and marketing professional Emily X.R. Pan about her MFA experience as a writer of color and how she pursued publishing.

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Episode 13: Interview with Daniel José Older

In episode 13 Jenn speaks with author Daniel José Older about his experiences as a writer of color as well as some of the expectations & needs from the publishing industry to truly embrace more diversity.

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Episode 12: Interview with Monica Odom

In our twelfth episode we speak with literary agent Monica Odom about what she sees in terms of the lack of diversity in the literary world from the agent perspective.

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Episode 11: Interview with Cynthia Manick

In our eleventh episode we speak with poet, editor, and curator of the Sister Soul Revue reading series in New York City Cynthia Manick about her experiences as a POC in an MFA program, finding community, and being persistent.

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Episode 10: Interview with Lisa Lucas

In our tenth episode we speak with Lisa Lucas, publisher of Guernica Magazine, about the ability of non-profits to help promote diverse books and authors, and the change coming in terms of the diversity movement.

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Episode 9: 2014 MiP Wrap-Up Show

After several episodes and a handful of guests Bev and Jenn discuss recurring themes that came up in interviews, “slush pile” topics, and do a mini book club of Porochista Khakpour’s The Last Illusion.

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Episode 8: Interview with Preeti Chhibber

In our eighth episode we speak with Preeti Chhibber of one of the Big 5 publishers about comics, faulty diverse representations on television, and the ongoing discussion of more POC representation in different forms of literature.

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Episode 7: Interview with Anjali Singh

In our seventh episode we interview editorial director of Other Press Anjali Singh about the difference between corporate and small publishers and the role of editor.

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