Series: Launch Your Book

Through solo question-and-answer episodes as well as interviews with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and publishing insiders, New York Times bestselling author and TEDx speaker Anna David breaks down the best ways to launch a book that will change your career—and life.

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A book’s journey is far from over once it’s been launched. In fact, it’s got a whole lifetime ahead of itself. And so while this podcast leads you through writing and launching a bestselling book, its ultimate goal is to help you create a book that changes your career—and your life.

SMART Recovery President William Greer on Alternatives to AA

In 2014, Willam (Bill) Freer launched the first Family & Friends SMART Recovery meeting in Washington, DC. He was elected to the SMART Recovery Board in 2017 and was named chair of its first Communications Committee. That same year, he became a…

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Todd Zalkins on Being the Worst Case Doctors Have Ever Seen

Todd Zalkins is an addiction specialist, private counselor, interventionist, and public speaker.   The author of the memoir, Dying for Triplicate, Zalkins was the subject of the award-winning documentary The Long Way Back: The Story of Todd…

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Meditation Special with Anna David

We break from our regular programming of stories and interviews for a guided meditation designed to help you get in your body, breathe and then access the part of you necessary to share your story.   If you think you may have a story inside of…

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The Sober Glow’s Mia on Gray Area Drinking

Mia is a teetotaling NYC broad currently living in LA. She gave up drinking in September of 2015 when she finally stopped ignoring the fact that she would never live the life she so craved if she didn’t remove the booze. After nearly 4 years of living…

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Ruby Warrington on Being Sober Curious

is a British writer and thought leader currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Formerly Features Editor on the UK Sunday Times Style magazine, in 2012 she launched , a cosmic lifestyle platform that updates all things “new age” for life in the Now Age. Ruby…

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Omar Pinto on SHAIR-ing Sobriety

Omar Pinto is a Life Transformation Coach, Addiction Recovery Specialist and Lifestyle Entrepreneur who hosts the popular .   He took his last drink and hit of cocaine in May 25, 2003. This was the beginning of his journey into personal…

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Arlina Allen on Sobriety in Silicon Valley

Arlina Allen is many things. A Silicon Valley executive, she is also a writer, the host of podcast and the founder of Sober Life School. Sober since 1994, she’s been married for 21 years and is the mother of two teenage boys.   In her own…

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Anna David on Dating a Newcomer Who May Have Still Been High

Anna David is a NY Times bestselling author, journalist, occasional TV talking head, coach, creator of this podcast, CEO of Light Hustle Publishing and the person typing these words.   This story involves the time she opted to respond to a…

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Bucky Sinister on Dating a Mysterious Woman with a Mohawk

Bucky Sinister s a stand-up comedian and author of nine books, including Black Hole: A Novel and Get Up: A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks and Weirdos.   He’s told many stories at numerous shows—including one where he brought…

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Lauren Wallett on Flying to America from South Africa for a Date

Lauren Wallet is an award-nominated actress and director who starred on the South African reality show My Top Billing Dream, has been interviewed on national television since she was nine years old, and ran Star Quality Performing Art School and Fame…

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