Series: Fictional

Classic lit with a modern tone, every other week.

From the creators of Myths and Legends, comes an altogether same-but-different podcast set in the world of classic lit. These are the stories of Dracula, The Time Machine, The Three Musketeers. They’re stories written by Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and H.P. Lovecraft, but with a casual, modern tone. Listen as Jason and Carissa Weiser breathe new life into the classics and tell the stories of some of the greatest books ever written.

Edgar Allan Poe: The Masquerade

A Halloween episode with two stories from the master of Gothic horror, Edgar Allan Poe.

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The Pale Man: Room 201

A professor checks in to a rundown hotel for a long vacation and becomes obsessed with another resident – a pale man who moves from room to room.

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Philip K. Dick: Inhuman

Lester’s work has killed trillions, making way for humanity’s march across the galaxy. But, after a trip off-world and witnessing a dead planet firsthand, he’s now changed. Lester wants out.

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Sherlock Holmes: The League

Even good news is bad news to Sherlock Holmes when the Red-Headed League comes to town.

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The Tempest: All the Devils are Here (part 1 of 2)

Prospero just made the most significant discovery of all time…right before his world was turned upside down.

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