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This is the book podcast everyone’s talking about. Bookable features established authors and emerging talent in conversation with host and author Amanda Stern, perhaps best known for creating the Happy Ending Music & Reading Series at New York’s famous Joe’s Pub and Symphony Space.

With an immersive sound experience designed around each episode, Bookable takes you on an audio exploration of a book—usually new, sometimes classic and occasionally obscure but always worth knowing about.

Calvin Baker: A More Perfect Reunion

“You don’t get special points or any kind of pass for saying, ‘Oh, I’m against systemic racism.’ Okay, what are you going to do about it?” –Calvin Baker

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Nicole Dennis-Benn: Patsy

“This woman felt defeated, felt she was given no choice in life. Ultimately the US provides this new chapter for her to find herself, to actually take charge of her destiny.” — Nicole Denis-Benn

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Roxane Gay & Tracy Lynne Oliver: The Sacrifice of Darkness

“That’s what I love about the graphic novel process, everyone gets to have their voice heard as much as anyone else.” — Roxane Gay

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Rumaan Alam: Leave the World Behind

“It’s a particular kind of irony to be trapped in this place that is so beautiful and comfortable that ultimately becomes a place of imprisonment.” — Rumaan Alam

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Holiday Reads: Neil Gaiman & Team Bookable!

Amanda finds out which books Neil Gaiman and Team Bookable are giving to family and friends this holiday season!

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Lynn Steger Strong: Want

“The tension comes from the various moments in their lives when they both want or need more from one another than the other is capable of giving.” — Lynn Steger Strong

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Cathy Park Hong & Ayad Akhtar

“Seeing characters struggle with their place in this country as part of the existential circumstance of their lives becomes a political statement” — Ayad Akhtar

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Karen Russell: Sleep Donation

“Fiction can restore the real horror of our economic systems and expose our complicity. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re siphoning off the dreams of children or the horizon light of a generation.” — Karen Russell

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Kiese Laymon, Saeed Jones & Mira Jacob

“This is a transformative genre. Who you are going into it is not who you are going to be on the other side.” — Saeed Jones

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Steven Berglas: Stay Hungry and Kick Burnout in the Butt

“Anger is the scapegoat of emotions. It’s universally misunderstood but it can be a great source of fuel for doing good.” — Dr. Steven Berglas

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