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You can now read Kindle books on the Supernote A6X

The Supernote A6X is running Google Android, but you cannot sideload in your own apps. Supernote told Good e-Reader when the product was released that if enough users requested specific apps, they would include them in a feature firmware update. It looks like the vast majority of A6X users wanted the Kindle app to read ebooks and it looks like the company listened. The new Chauvet 1.0.1 firmware now includes the Kindle app and a myriad of new features.

Functions added: 

1. Support Proofreader’s marks in Word documents to edit the original text. (How to use)

2. Support Kindle app.

3. Support saving email drafts.


1. Further decreased note files size.

2. Speed up note processing.

3. Released zoom in/out limitation of the area selection (lasso) tool.

4. Following copy and paste by area selection tool, the area selection box will remain displayed.

5. Removed the limitations of inserting a new page and deleting a page on note after setting the title.

6. Optimized note layer icon UI for better recognition.

7. Adjusted digest summary list by sorting in ascending order of document page numbers as default setting.

8. Improved email synchronization and receiving speed.

9. Removed attachment limitations in emails. Multiple attachments can now be added at the same time.

10. Adjusted screen refresh frequency.

11. Optimized Supernote account registration process.

12. Expansion of Japanese and Chinese input vocabulary database.

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