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Yes Optoelectronics to develop E INK modules

E INK has just partnered with Yes Optoelectronics, a leading designer and manufacturer of customer LCD panels. Yes Optoelectronics will recieve film to develop and manufacture electronic shelf labels, smart labels, smart home, smart wearables, smart logistics, smart healthcare, smart transportation, industrial instrumentation and wireless communication.

Yes Optoelectronics has been investing in their R&D team and specialized production line for epaper products since 2015. They currently have four specialized production lines, with a production capacity of two million pieces every month. Yes Optoelectronics plans to increase their production line to eight with the expected production capacity of 3.6 million pieces of e-paper in the first quarter of next year.

As epaper applications and products mature, there is an increasing request for products from end customers. The demand for electronic shelf labels, in particular, has been growing exponentially,” said Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink Holdings. “We are glad to strategically partner with Yes Optoelectronics and to have Yes Optoelectronics as an important module partner in the ePaper ecosystem. With this partnership, we can extend the ePaper industrial supply chain, and provide more partners for end customers who are selecting module partners.”

“E Ink is the leading company in the epaper industry. The company not only continues innovating its technologies, but also plays an important role in the research and development, manufacturing, and resource integration of key materials for ePaper films,” said Jia Ji-Tao, Chairman of Yes Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. “With the combined expertise of both companies and our partnership of two strong allies, we will continue to expand the application markets of epaper products.”

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