Will Amazon Ever Release a Kindle Color?

Yes! We have already reported on Amazon’s plan to launch next-gen Kindle with color ACeP Technology in 2025. Up until today, Kindle devices display text only in black and white. But the upcoming technology in 2025 may change things forever.

Many of Kindle’s competitors including Kobo and PocketBook have already come up with color e-readers. It’s the high time Amazon needs to release its color e-readers to stay competitive in the market.

Amazon is very tight-lipped, and it doesn’t release half-baked devices. The e-commerce giant made this mistake by launching Kindle Scribe, which failed to thrive in the e-note landscape because of its underdeveloped note-taking capabilities and lack of hardware features.

The prediction of a new color Kindle has been made by Taiwanese technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo says that at least two new color Kindle devices will launch in 2025. He predicts that new e-readers will be around 7 and 10 inches and will not feature the Kaleido 3 displays used in most of the latest color e-readers. Instead, it will use Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP) technology from E Ink.

As of now, Kindle Scribe is the only e-reader featuring a 10.2-inch 300ppi screen. That’s because Amazon worked directly with E Ink to make this device, and no other device maker has this kind of collaboration with E Ink. So, there is a high possibility that Amazon and E Ink have been working on the next-generation ACeP display with faster refresh speeds and/or lower costs.

But all of this is just speculation. Neither Amazon nor E Ink has revealed anything about this. So, we have to wait until the device is upon us.

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