Go Publish Yourself: An IngramSpark Podcast

Hosted ByRobin Cutler & Justine Bylo

Join us as we explore trending topics, discuss publishing industry news, and share expertise on how to self-publish a book successfully. IngramSpark’s Director Robin Cutler and Manager of IngramSpark’s Author Acquisition Program Justine Bylo will be joined by publishers and experts throughout essential fields in the publishing industry to provide you with self-publishing resources. These short episodes are an easy way to gain quick insights on how to self-publish your book. Visit www.ingramspark.com for more information.

Wide Distribution Matters: A Conversation with Erin Wright

Bestselling author Erin Wright joins us this week to discuss the benefits of wide distribution in ebook publishing and why she left Kindle Unlimited to publish with IngramSpark. As a former librarian, Erin sheds light on the importance of libraries for book sales and the revenue potential available for authors who choose to go wide!To learn more about wide distribution with IngramSpark, visit https://selfpub.is/33CoBDx.

This episode is sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association. IBPA is the largest publishing trade association in the U.S., leading the indie publishing community through advocacy, education, and tools for success. IBPA offers a free 3-month trial membership for IngramSpark publishers. Visit https://www.ibpa-online.org/page/IngramSparkTrialto find out more.

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