Twitter introduces new Notes feature for users to write long form content

Twitter might have been famous for its strict word count limitations but is now encouraging users to let go of those with its new Notes feature. As Engadget reported, It’s akin to a blog post and Twitter is encouraging users to write long-form content that would be available on their Twitter profiles. Users will also be able to share their Notes via tweets as well. Further, users will also be able to embed images and videos as well to make them more lively.

Twitter said the new Notes feature can bring about a change in the way writers interact with their followers or other people. With Notes, writers will be able to give vent to their thoughts and share it with others via tweets. They can continue interacting with others as well with all of it happening right within Twitter itself. This would also save the writers from creating lengthy threads to engage with their audience. Also, they had to do the actual writing elsewhere before sharing it back on Twitter and continue with the conversation with their followers on Twitter. With Notes, they will have it all within the micro-blogging site itself.

Another change in the works is the impending integration of Revue to its new “Twitter Write” group. Twitter acquired the newsletter company last year and will make available its notes and newsletter to the Twitter Write group. That said, it isn’t clear at the moment how is that going to be done or how the Revue newsletters will be available within Notes.

Twitter meanwhile stated the new Notes section will only be available to select writers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ghana, and the United States. The micro-blogging site however stated Notes will eventually be rolled out to all Twitter users everywhere in the world, but it isn’t known at the moment when is that going to happen.

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