The Summer You Were There Manga to End Soon

The Summer You Were There

The Summer You Were There manga will be ending in the upcoming month. According to the Anime Network, the January 2024 issue of Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime magazine mentioned that Yuama’s popular manga, which is also known by the name Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata, will have its last volume on December 18. The sixth compiled book volume will be the final volume of the same.

For international manga readers, it will also be released in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. The story of the manga features Shizuku, a shy high schooler who’s an introvert and doesn’t talk to other people. She decides to draft a novel and keep it a secret. However, things take a 360-degree turn when Shizuku meets Kaori, her popular classmate, who gets her hands on Shizuku’s manuscript.

Kaori suggests to Shizuku that to get the material for her next book, they should be dating. As their relationship takes a turn for good, Shizuku must learn to understand her feelings and learn the best way to be with Kaori. What happens next? Will this new couple be a hit or miss? Read the manga to find out.

The Summer You Were There manga was released back in May 2020 in Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime magazine. The second volume of the manga was published by Seven Seas Entertainment in December 2022.

Other than the hit manga, Seven Seas is also responsible for licensing another manga of Mangaka Yuama called Girl I Want Is So Handsome!, which was released back in January 2022. The manga was then launched in Comic Yuri Hime in 2018. Later, the second and final volumes were published in October 2019.

Seven Seas Entertainment describes Girl I Want Is So Handsome! manga as “A yuri comedy about a hyper first-year student and the hot girl jock she’s crushing on by the creator of The Summer You Were There!”.

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