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On 33% Pulp, hosts Linzi, Daniel, and a guest host each read a different third of a pulp novel, then recap it over three episodes — piecing together the plot and laughing at the prose. Join us for tales of teleportation, giant crabs, and super awkward descriptions of sex.

The Pulpies: Season 5

In our series finale, Daniel and Linzi remember the good (and the bad) of this season’s books: Stalker From the Stars, The Chiffon Scarf, Buddies, The Penetrator: The Target is H, and Some Sort of Spell. We are joined by your votes from the People’s Pulpies survey, as well as call-in votes from Amber, Courtney of The Cult of Domesticity, and Jessie of Alphabet Flight.

Expect at least one more episode this year, announcing updates on Linzi’s (my) new project. For now, I will keep our Twitter and Instagram feeds going in case you want to say hi (and, selfishly, because that’s where I can hang with my podfriends).

Words really cannot express how much you have meant to us. Instead, we tip our hats and raise our not-so-pulpy glasses to you, dear listener, for your support.

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