The eBooks which will make you an expert on cryptocurrency

No longer is cryptocurrency only discussed by those who have committed to it, it is no longer a small market waiting to grow. It has exploded in recent history and the affect it is having on everyday life is growing, with a wide range of people and business moving towards it.

Celebrity endorsements are making it more appealing, especially to young people who are building their knowledge and understanding of it at an early age. Artists are selling their assets through NFTs, sports teams are selling NFT tokens and people are coming into contact with cryptocurrency who would never before taken an interest.

Before, it was something you needed to seek out, today it is available for all and has attracted more and more people to invest in recent times with the reported profits and sales of artwork by Beeple, and the links to major sports franchises like the New York Knicks Home Court Collection.

Below are some of the best eBooks to help you build your understanding on cryptocurrencies and gain knowledge on how to invest with them.

  1. The Crypto Investing Guide, Matthew James Peterson.

This eBook looks at how to invest in Cryptocurrency and get maximum returns on your investment by understanding blockchain and its mechanisms. It is a great starting point for those who have a real beginner’s knowledge to gather the knowledge of a seasoned investor. It breaks down and simply explains everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency, what it is, what it means and how using it to invest could benefit you.

  1. Blockchain Bubble or Revolution: The Present and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Neel Mehta, Aditya Agashe, et al.

Providing a comprehensive view of blockchain developments, this eBook was written by experienced professionals who have worked with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular and moved on so quickly from BitCoins domination and this book gives its opinions on where best to use blockchain and investigates both sides of the argument. Full of thoroughly researched insight into the future of blockchain technology.

  1. Cryptocurrency Trading Made Easy, Samuel Kanai.

It is well known that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and the ever-changing regulation of the industry affects this volatility, but it continues to grow. This eBook gives you the information on what cryptocurrency is and why you need it. It looks into what top investors are doing to assist in step-by-step guides for investment and for building understanding on the different types of cryptocurrencies on the market.

  1. Bitcoin Origin Paul Palacios Mollón and Leif Ferreira.

Before the boom, Bitcoin was possibly the only cryptocurrency known by people outside of the market. It was the first and original cryptocurrency and this book looks into how it all started. This is where you can gain an understanding of the history of cryptocurrencies, the social and economic conditions for its emergence, as well as how it has grown and what the future holds.

  1. Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investors Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond, Chris Buriske and Jack Tatar.

This is a fantastic way for you to truly understand how digital assets have reached where they have today. You will understand the principles of investing in Cryptocurrency, whether you are a novice or someone with some knowledge, this book gives a different perspective to add and deepen your understanding. It isn’t too technical, which makes it more appealing to those looking to learn about investing in crypto. The writers do not take any bias and give a clear and cautious approach to investment ensuring that the risks in these assets are also explained.

  1. Day Trading Cryptocurrency, Michael Wendy

Michael Wendy gives a beginners strategy guide to investing in cryptocurrency and day trading in the field. This book looks at how and why you should day trade in cryptocurrency and how it can be a profitable role. It looks into the best ways to plan your investments, how to manage the volatile market and selecting the best cryptocurrencies to trade.

There is so much on offer and the key is to read these eBooks, and others, with an open mind. This is an ever-growing market which is clearly a volatile one, and despite this, can be a very prosperous investment opportunity. Warnings of the market are to be taken with understanding, these warnings can help you build your understanding, and these books can help take your knowledge of the industry to higher levels. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have a strong place in everyday life now, they are no longer totally niche, and this means investment in them can be a fantastic decision.

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