The Death Of The Heart By Elizabeth Bowen

Tessa Hadley (Free Love, Late in the Day) joins us for a discussion of The Death of the Heart (1938), the sixth novel by Anglo-Irish novelist Elizabeth Bowen; as you’ll hear, Tessa has been reading and rereading Bowen’s work since she discovered it in her local library when she was 12 years old. We go deep into the glorious idiosyncrasies (and idiosyncratic glories) of Bowen’s style and consider why her reputation has waxed and waned in the years since her death in 1973. Also in this episode, John celebrates his recent trip to New Orleans with a reading of Nine Lives (Random House US), Dan Baum’s book about the city; and Andy navigates his way round Géricault’s painting The Wreck of the Medusa using Tom de Freston’s new book Wreck (Granta) as his compass.

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07:15 Wreck by Tom de Freston
14:42 Nine Lives by Dan Baum
21:36 The Death of The Heart by Elizabeth Bowen

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