Sarah Miniaci on how to publicize a book in 2022

Sarah Miniaci is a freelance book publicist with fifteen years of experience in the New York and Toronto markets. Ken Whyte’s Sutherland House is one of her clients. Ken interviewed Sarah for a recent issue of Shush, his excellent Substack newsletter on the publishing business. Together they surveyed today’s new publishing landscape. With the help of  Michael Legat’s An Author’s Guide to Publishing, Sarah and I do the same here, only with our voices, tracing the evolution of book publicity from Legat’s pre-2000 traditional publishing world, up to the present.    We talk about the advent of the Internet and blogs, about gatekeepers and democratization, about how easy and boring life used to be for a  publicist, about the shift to Social, about the importance of Goodreads, about producing trailers and Q & As for Youtube, about compiling lists, rocket science, passionate bloggers, influencers, the literary conversation, the continued relevance of the publishers’ sales catalogue, ​geese, swans, “golden children,” quality, and the imperative to make money, the Last Bookstore in L.A., and Toyota Corollas. 

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