Sarah McCoy: Mustique Island

Sarah McCoy, author of Mustique Island joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her latest book, which is set on one of the tiniest islands in the Caribbean.

The story is set in the early 1970s, when Mustique was owned by British playboy. As the book opens, a beauty queen sails to Mustique looking for a place to reassess her life and meets the famous friends of Tennant, whose days are spent partying. This is as much a mother/daughter/sister story as it is a story about extravagant island life.

Sarah shares how a book about Colin Tennant got her imagination whirling. She planned at trip to stay at Mustique on March 30, 2020, and we can guess how that went. After the discussion, you’ll see why you want to pack a copy of Mustique Island for your vacation reading this summer.

Book Discussed in This Episode: Mustique Island by Sarah McCoy

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald

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