Santek EZ Door Sign uses 2.9-inch E Ink display

The Japan based Sun Technology announced it is now offering ‘EZ Door Sign Ver2’ that uses a 2.9-inch E Ink display. Though it is being marked as a door sign, it can be put to a variety of uses. For instance, it can be put on the desk or at the entrance of the meeting room, besides serving as a door sign as well. In each case, it can be used to display a message comprising of a few lines or an appropriate image.

The company said changing the message is easy and can be done using an app that is available via SantekDirectShop. Also, with a built-in magnet, it can easily be attached to a suitable place and does not require any special installation process as such. The integrated battery coupled with the ultra low power requirements of E Ink displays also ensures there are no wires needed for continuous power supply. All of this makes the Santek EZ Door Sign extremely versatile as it can be put to a variety of use and almost anywhere.

The company further stated the Santek EZ Door Sign comes in three color options – Black, Gray, and White. That is not all as the e-paper display can also take on either a red, black, or white color that can make the message being displayed to stand out from the surrounding. In any case, the small yet stylish design of the door sign makes it easy to merge with the surroundings effortlessly. It is going to look just as nice on your desktop as when left attached to the door.

The Santek EZ Door Sign is currently on sale for 2,980 Yen and can be bought via the company website or the Amazon or Rakuten wesbite.

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