SALON EXCLUSIVE: a reading from ‘People Person’ by Candice Carty-Williams

We’re thrilled to feature latest book from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Queenie on the podcast! Candice Carty-Williams’ novel People Person is about five half-siblings with abandonment issues brought together by crisis in a story of heart, humour, and homecoming. The tension will have you turning the page and the characters will have you laughing to yourself into the wee hours of the morning as you finish this novel in one sitting.  

So settle down to enjoy a juicy excerpt, read beautifully by our narrator Danielle Vitalis who also read for the audiobook. 

‘People Person is a triumph… I loved every one of these beautifully rendered characters and I’m sure the world will too. I couldn’t put it down.’ Caleb Azumah Nelson  

Published by Trapeze, we recommend buying from your local indie or you can get it from our shop.

Podcast produced and edited by Megan Bay Dorman

Programmed by Matt Casbourne

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