Rhonda Byrne & Kelly Noonan Gores: Their top secrets for birthing global bestsellers

The magical duo of Rhonda Byrne & Kelly Noonan Gores are rounding out a bucket list week here at the Beautiful Writers Podcast. After years of dreaming, writing, podcasting, and, more recently, recording my latest book, the audiobook for Beautiful Writers: A Journey of Big Dreams & Messy Manuscripts—with Tricks of the Trade from Bestselling Authors (aka the guests of this show!) pubbed just before posting this episode.  

When I thought about who, among all the writers in the world, I wanted to share the momentous occasion of my audiobook birthday with, the answer was crystal clear. Kelly is not just a dear friend but also someone whose life and career have been profoundly shaped by Rhonda's work, starting with The Secret film that captivated the world in 2006. As you'll hear, I don't think I'd have ever seen my name on the New York Times bestseller's list (in 2008) without Rhonda's influence, so I had a strong feeling this conversation would be particularly intimate, spiritual, and delightful, which is precisely how it turned out. I hope you feel it, too. Not to mention, Ms. Byrne's writing and publishing stories are mind-blowingly fun, and her FAITH (ALL CAPS) in the Universe is contagious—yes, please. 

Rhonda's energy feels so pure to me, even angelic, which helps me better understand why she's so beloved and why The Secret has been published in fifty languages and is one of the most successful books of this century. (On the comments on Amazon, for example, I found 33,930 5-star reviews, with a stream of testimonials from readers reporting emotional, life-changing miracles.) With beautiful Kelly, the creator of the hit documentary and book HEAL, by my side, I feel surrounded by love and the highest vibrations, like the luckiest girl at the party. Their work has inspired many millions worldwide, and I hope it inspires you too.

Thank you for dreaming your dreams right along with us. Write on!

Linda xo

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