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Remarkable 2 Accessories are now available

Remarkable has just added individual accessories to their online store for the Remarkable 2. The Marker, Marker Plus, replacement nibs, folio and bookcases are all available to purchase. Prior to them adding all of these new products to the store, you had to select your exact configuration during checkout for the past 8 months. This is great news for people who bought the basic marker and wanted to upgrade, but did not have anyway to do it, and replacement nibs are critically important, since they wear down fast.

The Remarkable 2 is one of the best e-notes of 2020. The device is still available as a pre-order and tends to ship 3-4 months after placing your order. They are basically crowdfunding the development and making more, whenever people buy one. Pre-orders aside, it is one of the most popular slates out there, winning numerous awards. They are a relatively new brand, this is their second product ever.

Remarkable only ships to select countries. If you want to buy any of the new accessories, you can buy them from the Good e-Reader Store.

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