Pocketbook Verse Color e-reader is coming out soon

Pocketbook is going to be releasing a new e-reader in the coming months called the Verse Color, this device will be using the latest generation colour e-paper, Kaleido 3. Pocketbook seems to be going all in on colour, releasing many new products in the past few months, such as the InkPad Color 3, Era Color and Eo Color.

The Pocketbook Verse Color will likely have the same specs as the black and white version of the Verse Pro, since the model number PB634K3 is based on PB634, which is the Verse Pro e-reader, that was released last year. When Pocketbook releases colour variants, they tend to have the same hardware specs as the black and white e-reader. How do I know Pocketbook will be releasing the Verse Pro Color? Well, Pocketbook recently attained FCC certification for it.

The Pocketbook Verse Color stands out with its E INK Kaleido 3 e-paper display, which displays 4000 colours. The black and white resolution will have 300 PPI and the colour panel will have 150 PPI. Pictures, ebook cover art, and the Pocketbook bookstore will look stunning. It also features a front-lit display for comfortable reading day or night. Underneath the hood, you’ll find a robust Dual Core processor, 512MB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage. There is a USB-C port for charging and transferring data, G-sensor, and WIFI. All this is powered by a 1500 mAh battery.

The Pocketbook Verse Pro Color is a reader’s dream, supporting 25 book and graphic formats, including ACSM, AZW, CBZ, DJVU, DOC, EPUB, FB2, PDF, TXT, JPEG, and PNG. This means you can forget the hassle of file conversion and save precious time. And with its Adobe DRM support, it’s compatible with online library services, making borrowing books online more accessible than ever before!

It will also support the Text-to-Speech function, which can transform any text file into an audio track, voicing it in one of 26 available languages. Switch from reading a book to listening to it anytime: just two clicks, and the e-reader will start reading aloud while you do your daily routine. The natural-sounding voices available with Text-to-Speech guarantee that your book sounds great.

Designed to withstand water damage, the PocketBook Verse Color meets the IPX8 standard. It means the e-reader may be immersed in fresh water up to 2 meters deep for up to 60 minutes without any harmful effects. Whether reading in the bath or near the pool, you can dive into your favourite book without any concerns about water exposure.

One of the standout features of the Verse Color is the physical buttons. You can hit the page-turn buttons to turn an ebook forward or backward. There is also a home button to jump to the home screen, no matter what menu or sub-menu you are on. Pricing and the release date are unknown. Still, Kaleido 3 screens are typically slightly more expensive than traditional black and white e-readers, so it will likely be between $25 to $60 more costly than the Verse, which retails for $169.99 on the Good e-Reader Store.

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