33% Pulp

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On 33% Pulp, hosts Linzi, Daniel, and a guest host each read a different third of a pulp novel, then recap it over three episodes — piecing together the plot and laughing at the prose. Join us for tales of teleportation, giant crabs, and super awkward descriptions of sex.

People’s Pulpies Announcement

Hi all! This is just an announcement/reminder to vote in the People’s Pulpies by August 30th. To access the survey, go to 33pulp.com/listen or click this link https://forms.gle/ZRkS5DHXyux6nv1g8


(Also: the answer to the question/statement at the end is “The Get Fit Guy” Podcast on the Quick and Dirty Tips Network. Great show! :D)


Until next week!

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Editor: Linzi

Voices heard:

  • Daniel, Amber, and Mary
  • Jessie Cooper of Alphabet Flight, Creepy Critters, and Limited Theories
  • Dr. Alysa Lucas of Best Forevers and Fataliteas
  • Courtney of the Cult of Domesticity
  • Kate of Ignorance Was Bliss


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