Othersode #94: Mary’s Big Baby Bonanza!

It’s Mary’s Big Baby Bonanza! And we’re celebrating with unhinged presentations on niche topics followed by baby gifts! Come party with us and learn about everything from US presidents to Vampire Potter fanfic to phantom jellyfish, and a bunch of other random things along the way. Join us on July 9th for a Bookpisode on A Magical Girl Retires by Seolyeon Park. Then get ready for a special Othersode featuring Susie Dumond, author of Looking for a Sign on July 23rd. Don’t forget to leave us a rating and review!

:30 – Welcome! And welcome special guest Todd!
9:00 – Todd, President Two Truths and a Lie
20:00 – Emily, Sailor Moon
31:09 – Susan, Women’s Tennis is Better
42:00 – Kelli, My Immortal
57:00 – Mary, Things I Google at 3AM
1:22:07 – Presents for baby!
1:34:30 – Listener Feedback! 
1:36:00 – What’s on the blog? What’s up next?

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